How to Use a Miter Box

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If you were/are a newbie to the DIY building world and asked me what tool you should buy first…. this is the one I would tell you … a Miter Box!

The Miter Box is one of our very favorite tools to use – mostly because we do use it for almost every single project that we build and because it is so easy to use! I know you are shaking your head and looking at the big blade and your tiny fingers and are thinking “no way!” but once you get the hang of the Miter Box– you will love it and wonder why you ever did without!

When we moved into our house six years ago, we completely remodeled the entire thing! It is still a work in progress as most houses are – but anyhoo! I HAD to learn how to cut with the Miter Box. Spencer would give me a list of sizes of wood he needed and it was my job to deliver! At first I admit, I was intimidated but after a few cuts — it is cake!

We made a video to show you how easy it is to cut a straight line!

And just in case you cannot see the video – here is a little tutorial for you!

How To Use A Miter Box

  • Set your main angle and your compound angle to 0 degrees.
  • Hold your piece of wood tight to the fence.
  • Bring your wood to the spot where you have measured to cut.
  • Make sure your hands are out of the way of the blade!
  • Bring the blade down to make sure the blade will cut where you want it too.

  • Lift the blade up and slowly start the motor by pushing it with your fingers.
  • Move the blade through the wood at a nice even pace.

  • Bring the blade back up and hold onto your wood until the blade/motor stops.

And you will have a nice straight line at the end of your piece of wood!

See! A total piece of cake!! Next up – we will show you how to cut mitered ends.


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