How to Mix Brick Mortar

So… You just thought of a great project involving brick (fire pit, planter, wall, mailbox) but you need some mortar… the bag says just add water but how much do you use? what do you mix it in? How do you mix it? How thick do you make it?  All these are questions will answered in this post! How to mix brick mortar.

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How to Mix Brick Mortar

Head on over to Home Depot and pick out the Mortar Mix you want. There are two types of mortar – Standard and Rapid Set.

Standard Mortar: You will have several hours to work with it. It is easier to use with less experience and it does not set up as fast.

Rapid Set Mortar: This mortar will set in ONE hour. Because it starts setting in about 15 minutes you need to be experienced and quick!

You can add in pigmentation and have the mortar dyed – but that also speeds up the “setting” process.

The Contractor is pretty quick – so for our project– we used rapid set mortar.

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You will need:

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  • Fill the 5 gallon bucket with 3 inches of water.
  • Pour 3/4 bag of mortar into the bucket.

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  • Use your drill and mixing paddle to mix up the water and mortar mix.

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  • When you have mixed up the 3/4 add the remainder of the mix.

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  • Mix until your mortar is stiff.
    When you are done mixing your mortar should be stiff – like a buttercream frosting or creamy peanut butter. When you lift your mixing paddle, your mortar should form peaks.

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  • and now you are ready to start stacking brick!

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