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Hello! Hello! Amanda here and once again I am working on my front porch. We all know that chalkboard art is all the craze right now so when I was thinking of something “artish” for my front porch I went right to chalkboard art! For some reason it just seems Halloween-ish to me. I pulled some inspiration from my sister and this post to come up with this fun little Salem Broom Company Chalkboard Art Sign. I must say… I am pretty pleased with myself! It turned out pretty darn cute for my first go around — and the fact that I was using bits and pieces of my kiddo’s chalk supply.

I whipped this chalkboard art up last night and it was so easy! First I used Rustoleum Chalkoard Spray Paint and painted a 3’x2’ and 1/4” thick piece of MDF I had in storage. After it was dry, I covered the whole thing in white chalk, wiped it off and started sketching. I started in the middle with the push broom – expanded to the brooms on the side – made the banner and border and then added the spider webs.

If I did it over I would change two things. First, I would make the Banner and wording a little bit bigger. Second… I would NOT spray it with Hairspray. I know, you are probably thinking “What the heck? Hairspray?” but… in my defense… I fell for the internet. I wanted to make the chalk permanent so I goggles “ways to make chalk stay on a chalkboard” and almost every singe solution was to use hairspray. I also thought back to kindergarten when we would draw with chalk on black paper and my teacher would spray I with hairspray so it wouldn’t smudge. I thought it was a brilliant idea until it left wet looking little dots all over the board and did not make the chalk stick – So, learn from my experience and DO NOT DO THAT!! I chalk the dots (pun? see what I did there!) up to characteristic and it really doesn’t look … bad… it is just more annoying to me than anything else – but the sign is still really cute and I still really love it!! 

I am off to work on a trick or treat sign that I will be sharing later this week!

To see more projects for my front porch check out my Deco Mesh Wreath and my “31” Polka Dot Halloween Pillows!

Until next time…

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  1. Super cute Amanda! Glad you shared the hairspray fail. I totally would have done the same thing. Now I know. 🙂
    Kara recently posted…Easy Bread Bowl RecipeMy Profile

  2. This is darling Amanda! Good to know about the hairspray fail too!
    Beverly {Flamingo Toes} recently posted…DIY Graveyard Outdoor Tombstone DisplayMy Profile

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