How to Drill an Anchor Into Brick

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I am totally excited to share this fun little tutorial with you because it will change your outdoor decorating possibilities forever – especially if you have a brick home! Along our front porch is a brick wall. Nothing special… just a simple red brick wall. Lucky for me, it is covered and protected a little bit from the elements. I have wanted to hang banners and signs and wreaths and all sorts of decorative items from the brick wall but have always been unable to until just this past weekend! I approached Spencer about how I might be able to hang something from the brick. He rolled the idea around his head for a few seconds and said he knew just what to do and we (and by we I mean HE) got busy drilling out the brick.

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In order to drill into brick you need to use a masonry bit. Masonry bits are made for hard impact and can drill the brick really well. We used a 3/16 Bosch Masonry Bit from Home Depot and our Hammer Drill to drill the holes in our brick.


After the hole is drilled, we used Hallow Door Anchors for the anchor. I love these anchors because they are made so you can use screws or anything with a screw end (hooks!)

We also used Epoxy to ensure the anchor would never move.

The epoxy is a one time use epoxy and works well to secure the anchor inside the brick. First we added the epoxy to the hole we drilled…. (Spencer was a little bit quicker drilling than I was taking photos so you get a photo of an empty package! What do you do? I just love him!)

…then drilled in the anchor.

The epoxy will drip out a little bit.. this is normal!

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Use Lacqure Thinner and a rag to remove the epoxy residue.

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You must wait at least 24 hours for the epoxy to cure all the way and then you can screw in your screws or hooks and hang all your cute décor from them! I love that they are small and simple and flush with the wall and that I can unscrew and take out the screws or hooks so they aren’t an eye sore spot on the brick.

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You have already seen these babies in action if you caught my Halloween Porch!  Spencer was nice enough to install 3 brick anchors for me. Two on the long wall so I could hang a banner and one next to the front door. Obviously I am excited about both and cannot wait to display all sorts of banners and wreaths on them.

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  1. This is awesome! We have a really long front porch that is all brick. I’ve always wanted to hang things but have never had any success. Can’t wait to give this a try!

  2. I found this post when searching for brick anchors. I have interior brick and want to hang shelving (ikea algot system.) I was wondering if you know (or if your other half knows) if this process will work for hanging shelving on brick? I’ve found so much online, I’d figured I’d ask anyway. I appreciate any help, and if you’re unsure, thanks anyway! 🙂


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