How to Use A Quarter Sheet Sander

How to Use a Quarter Sander 4

A tool that Spencer and I use on almost every single project we do is our Ryobi Quarter Sheet Sander. Our sander is a bit dirty because it is really loved.  This tool is awesome for more projects than just sanding wood. We use it to sand down walls, scuff up home decor projects, smooth out bumps, sand down sides and of course to sand out slivers on all our wood projects. You will see this sander a lot in pictures during our projects. If you do not own a quarter sheet sander — head over to Home Depot now and buy one! You will love it!

A Quarter Sheet Sander is pretty standard and pretty self-explanatory but we will give you a few tips to make sanding just a little bit easier. A Quarter Sander is named that because you use a quarter sheet of sandpaper on the bottom.

How to Use a Quarter Sander 3

Every quarter sander I have seen has two clamps on each end that you simply tuck the sandpaper under to hold it in place. You will lift up the lever, fold the paper down underneath and clamp into place. Pull and stretch the sandpaper firmly and tuck it underneath the opposite clamp and clamp it down – and your done!

How to Use a Quarter Sander 2

When your sandpaper is attached and ready to go… turn the sander on. I turn mine on by pushing on the little button at the top where you hold it. The sander will begin to vibrate.

{make sure you wear your safety goggles!}

The Quarter Sheet Sander is nice because it packs more punch than doing everything by hand, but isn’t as large as a belt sander so you can use one hand to sand and the other to hold your project (if it is smaller.)

How to Use a Quarter Sander

Press firmly downward as you slide the sander across your project.

There are a few different things you can do with your quarter sheet sander and different sandpaper. (For sandpaper info go here.) Be careful and aware as you use it. If you are sanding a wood project, make sure you follow the grain of your wood. The sander will leave circle marks on your project if you sand in a circle so make sure you do not do that if you need a nice smooth finish. Sometimes I like a rough, vintage look and will sand willy-nilly so I get the effect I am looking for.

You can also round sharp corners quickly and evenly by rocking the sander back and forth over the side of your project until you get your desired curve.

Have fun with your quarter sheet sander and good luck with your projects!

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