Build Your Own Cedar Picnic Table: Part Two: Table Legs

It’s day two of “Build Your Own Cedar Picnic Table” and we are talking about legs! Yesterday we showed you how to build the tabletop and today we are going to attach the legs and add the table skirt – and then the table is done! Here we go.

Cut your 4×4 posts to 29 1/2”.

Build A Cedar Picnic Table (37) copy

Install a post into each corner by pilot drilling and screwing them in.
Use your 4” screws.

Build A Cedar Picnic Table (50) copy Build A Cedar Picnic Table (52) copy

Use your Miter Box and cut your mitered and  compound mitered pieces.
8 @ 16” four left and four right.
First, Cut all 16” pieces with a 45 degree miter.
Second, cut 4 compound miter left at 45 degrees.
Third, cut 4 compound miter right at 45 degrees.

Follow the links – we have made tutorials and videos for you!

Pilot drill your compound pieces into your post.

Build A Cedar Picnic Table (53) copy

Sink your 4” screws into the compound pieces.

Then drill them into the posts.

The compound angles are attached to the post but not to the tabletop. To attach them to the tabletop, take a 4 inch screw and drill it in through the mitered corner into the tabletop. Measure with your screw on the outside first to find the best spot. After all this hard work you would be so sad if you drilled through the top of your table.

 Build A Cedar Picnic Table (60) copy  

Repeat on each corner.

Build A Cedar Picnic Table (63) copy

Why do we do the compound angle brace? It seems like such a hard step? We do it because it adds strength to our table legs. We don’t want them too fall off when we move it back and forth. We also didn’t want to bump our legs on an underneath brace either. We both wanted it open underneath. Make sense?

Now let’s add our table skirting and be done!

Use your 42” and 73” mitered pieces for the skirting. Make sure your miters are cut the same way and that they are 45 degrees.

Build A Cedar Picnic Table (64) copy

Use Liquid Nails on the outside and drill in from the inside.

Build A Cedar Picnic Table (68) copy Build A Cedar Picnic Table (69) copy

I had a hard time with this very last step because up until now there were no holes in the tabletop… but we added a screw on each mitered end to make them nice and tight. I knew I would have to do some patching down on the legs and after some coaxing from Spencer, wood filling 4 holes on the tabletop turned out okay.

Build A Cedar Picnic Table (70) copy

Tomorrow we will show you how to build the benches and then we’ll end with filling those darn holes, sanding and staining!

Only 2 more posts to go! Thanks for staying with us and I hope your table is looking awesome!


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  1. peter maynor says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the really thorough plans for the cedar picnic table. I just finished building one and we are thrilled. I added a couple feet onto the length. The pics and videos for miter cuts were great too. Overall beautiful website with great layout. Thank you.


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