How to Use a Tile Saw

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Hey Friends! Amanda here and today Spencer and I are going to show you how to use a tile saw! Since I am dreaming of a white tile backsplash… and am getting what I am dreaming of (Yay! happy dance!!) we are going to take you through a “how to tile a backsplash” series and offer up how-to’s and tips to help build your confidence on tiling a backsplash as well. You can use these tips for almost any tiling project.

Did you know that a tile saw doesn’t cut you? We have tiled quite a few places in our home and have used a tile saw but I had no clue the “saw” wouldn’t cut you… until Spencer stuck his hand right into the blade and dang near gave me a heart attack! I threw my hands up in front of my face and just knew he had lost a finger when he simply said “amanda, it doesn’t cut you…” and after I mustered up the courage to look… sure enough… no blood. Crazy right? It will tear through ceramic and stone and porcelain but not your flesh!

Alright… here is a simple little video we made just for you to show how to use the tile saw. Enjoy!

And if you don’t care to watch the video (although I don’t know why you wouldn’t!) or can’t for some reason, here are some photos and a little tutorial just for you!

How to Use a Tile Saw (10) copy

Here is the top view of the tile saw. You can see the blade and a blackish/silverish table. That moves back and forth so you simply put your tile piece on it and slide it back and forth. We mostly use it to steady the piece of tile we are cutting.

Mark your tile where you need to cut it. For this piece we are going to be cutting a little bit off the corner.

Line your marks up with the blade to make sure you will be cutting where you need too and then smoothly and steadily make your cuts.


More than likely, your cuts will not totally line up and match and you will have a small space in between cuts. Simply and carefully break the piece off.

You will have a little “tag” where the piece was being held on. Move your tile across the blade and smooth it out.


And you are done!

There is more white tile backsplash fun coming your way so stay tuned!


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