How to Cut Tile for an Outlet

Now that you know how to cut tile with a tile saw, lets get down to business! Today we are going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to cut small tile for an outlet. It may seem super complicated… but it’s not and when you see how easy it really is you may start thinking about adding tile for your backsplash!

First, hold the tile up to the wall where you will be placing it and (using a permanent marker) mark where the cutout for the outlet box is width wise.

With your tile facing the same way, move it to the side of the outlet and position it where it will go and mark the tile length-wise.

Using a level, so your line is nice and straight and well… level {wink!} …draw a line using your mark length-wise.


Use your level and do the same for the width marks.

You will now have a nice little outline of the outlet.

Take your tile to your tile saw and cut out the outlet piece.

Cut Tile for an Outlet (7) copy

You may have seen this tile before because we used this tile in our post and video about how to use a tile saw. You will want to watch the video! Spencer walks you through the whole process of cutting the tile and gives lots of good tips to make it easier for you. I have embedded it below but here is a link in case it won’t pull up for you.

Your cut out piece will slip nicely over your outlet…

And will pretty much look freakin’ awesome!!

Now that we have shown you some tips and tricks for creating a backsplash, next up… How to Tile a Backsplash!

See you Monday!


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