How to Grout Tile

Are you ready to grout? Has your tile cured for at least 48 hours? Yes!!?? Then let’s grout!

You will need:

  • Grout
  • A grout float
  • A large grout sponge
  • A large bowl of luke warm water
      We chose to buy and use a pre-made grout. Since we were only doing a small space this worked out best for us. I really wanted the lines to pop a little bit so we went with a gray grout – plus, we really loved the gray grout tile from

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    A grout float is a float with a smooth bottom side and the best sponge to buy is a large one with a scrubber on one side and a sponge on the other!

I am really excited about this post because I (Amanda) did all the work! I grouted my new backsplash! Woot! Woot! I’ll admit, I was nervous but once I started it was pretty easy and once I found my groove there was no turning back!

How to Grout Tile:

Add a small amount of grout to the bottom of your grout float.

Using the float, push the grout into the open lines of your tile. There are no tips or tricks really – it sort of comes natural. You push in the grout and then smooth it out and move onto the next line. You want to make sure that you fill the entire space with grout so there are no holes or air bubbles.

I did it small space by small space so the grout wouldn’t dry too much by the time I went to wipe off the excess. Use the scrubber side of your sponge and wipe off as much grout as you can. Make sure that you wipe off with flat and straight motions. Wiping grout out of the grout lines defeats the purpose a little bit (wink!)

When you have most of it off, flip the sponge over and wipe off the remaining grout. You shouldn’t have too much to wipe off but make sure it is as nice and clean as you can get it. You will still have a little bit of grout left of the tiles, it will pretty much just look like dirty water but let the grout dry for 48 hours.

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After 48 hours you can seal the grout. Before you apply your sealer, give the tile one more good scrub. I like to clean each tile one by one. It is tedious – but it would drive me nuts to seal a dirty tile and then have to see it every day!

This tutorial is for a backsplash, but you would use the same exact steps to grout any tile (shower surround, flooring, bathroom backsplash, walls and so on). Just make sure you press the grout in and clean it up really nice.

Tomorrow I will show you the grout sealer that I purchased and used and I’ll tell you why I went with the one I did.


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