A Moment of Clarity…

… otherwise known as the time I freaked out and emptied everything out of my boy’s room expect for their beds – including tearing baseboard and casing off the walls.

Do you ever want to remodel a space but just can’t clear your mind or visualize it because there is too much stuff junking up the place?

That is how I felt so at 8:00 when my kids should have been going to bed I took out everything…  but Quinn’s bed and Zachary’s crib.

(and then I took lots of pictures and they are all on a SD card that has magically gone missing…. despite the hours of endless searching I have done…so I had to “fake” this one. blast!!)

You can see a little sneak peek of a tutorial coming Monday!

And then I sat and thought….

Some of the stuff they had in their rooms was what I wanted and some was not. I thought about the colors and the theme and I loved having all the clear space to visualize some different ideas.

I have some big plans for this space and over the next few weeks, Spencer and I are going to be pulling this space together and sharing all the fun details of the room remodel.

Here is a little Mood Board I put together to show some ideas that we want to incorporate.

Boys Room Collage Mood Board

In the meantime, their dresser is in our room and all the toys are in Tenley’s room… it is already making me NUTS so wish us luck and a speedy remodel!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to follow along on Instagram for some really fun sneak peeks!


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