Favorite Wood Fillers

Spencer and I build a lot so naturally we have products and colors that we totally love and use all the time. Today we are talking about our favorite wood fillers. If you are just learning to build or learning to stain you will love this post because we will tell you what we love and why. If you are already a pro – chirp in and let us know what products you love too!

Our favorite wood filler brand is Famowood. Growing up, Spencer used it in his dad’s cabinet shop and now we use it in our garage. It is made of wood – and is awesome at filling holes. Rarely do I ever have to go back and re-putty and if I do it’s because the hole was huge!

When you fill, you normally want to fill the holes the color you are planning on staining or the color of the wood if you are clear coating. Famowood has wood filler in all these colors.

They have a few different sizes and are reasonably priced so you could buy a few different colors without breaking the bank. I have bought mine off of Amazon or Woodcraft.

Famowood also makes a water-based filler that is ready to sand and stain with water based stains in 15 minutes!

Our second favorite wood filler – and the best one to purchase at Home Depot in a pinch is Minwax Wood Filler.

Minwax is awesome because they work together as a company to make sure that their fillers, putties and stains all match in color and work together. You can fill, stain and touch up with the exact same color and we love that! (of course!)

When choosing a wood filler – make sure that it is stainable. The last thing you want to do is finish a piece only to learn you cannot stain it. (unless of course the plan was to paint the piece.)

When filling, make sure you over fill a little bit so you can sand it smooth. Use a putty knife so you avoid small pot holes from your fingers.

You only want to use wood filler on large holes from screws and such. For tiny pin holes, stain your project and use a putty.

Happy Building!


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