Getting Your Laundry Under Control!

Laundry… just the word gives you the hebbie-Jebbies… right? Today I am offering some advice on how my laundry process works so we can working on getting your laundry under control!

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In my laundry room I have two laundry hampers. One is for darks and colors and the other is for lights and whites. All of the clothes that come into the laundry room go into one of these two baskets. This helps keep everything off the laundry room floor.

Besides the laundry baskets in the laundry room we only have one other laundry basket and it is in my bedroom closet. When my children change for the day or for the night and have clothing that needs to be washed they will either put it in the laundry basket in my closet or make a pile in the hallway. If they make a pile in the hallway I will simply gather it up and put it in the corresponding baskets in the laundry room. Sometimes if they are really on top of it they will put it in the baskets in the laundry room but my children are little so those days are few and far between.

I fold laundry almost every day.

I fold all of my laundry at night.

Throughout the day I will throw a load into the washing machine and send it through the dryer and then I’ll either leave it in the laundry basket or dump it on my bed. I usually dump it on my bed because then I can’t get out of folding it.

Depending on how frustrating the day is depends on how many loads of laundry goes into the washing machine. Sometimes I have one load to fold and sometimes I have seven loads to fold (just kidding… Sort of).

After all of my kids are tucked into bed, I’ll go into my room and fold all the laundry. While I fold the laundry I listen to my scriptures on audio. The more frustrating my day is the more I feel like I need the Scriptures. Sometimes I listen to one chapter while other times I’ll get in three or four. I like to listen to my scriptures rather then watch TV because I feel like it stimulates my brain and I can kill two birds with one stone since I try and read my scriptures regularly.  If you don’t like listening to Scriptures choose a book on tape or a relaxing station on Pandora.

After I get all of the clothes folded, I will put away everything but my children’s clothes. I take my children’s clothes to their rooms and set them on their dressers and in the morning when we wake up and make their beds we will also put away their clothes. I make them help!

When folding I don’t doddle I simply stand there and fold. I also never sit. I’m usually done with folding and putting away and under 20 minutes! Then I can move on with the rest of my night (Parenthood or Revolution anyone??)

This keeps me up-to-date on laundry and I never have a monster pile to wash and put away… unless of course we have a sickie in the house!

My oldest child is 4. I am sure as time goes on, we will invest in another laundry basket/hamper and they will have to wash and fold as well – but this system works and if I teach them now to put their clothes in the laundry room then they will hopefully (fingers crossed) continue to do as they grow.

Hopefully I have given you one or two ideas to help your laundry flow a little easier!

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