How to Sew A Simple Valance

No room is complete without a window treatment so I wanted to show you how to sew a simple valance today. A valance is a great way to bring personality into the room because you can use different colors and patterns and mix and match and it creates a big bang in a small area.

First things first – measure your window and figure out how much fabric you need and make a plan. My window is 52” wide and I wanted the valance to be 14” long. I also wanted a main fabric and two trims.

I wanted the valance to be really full and gathered so I doubled the length. 52”+52”=104”

Add up your length:
2” above the rod.
2” for the rod.
10” for top fabric
2” for trim#1
2” for trim #2

For this valance I picked what fabric I wanted to use – Peak Hour by Riley Blake – I picked the stripe for the main piece and the blue and red/orange for the trim pieces.

I need a yard and a fourth for the main and 1/4 yard for both trims.

I cut the trim pieces into 3 inch pieces to leave space for the 1/2” seam allowance.

The red/orange goes in the bottom so I sewed the three pieces together and then sewed a hem – leaving one side raw.

Then I sewed the blue trim pieces together and with right-sides facing I sewed the two trim pieces together.

I cut the main fabric at 14.5”

I sewed all the pieces together and then I folded it down four inches (with wrong sides touching) and pressed it.

I stitched the bottom and then stitched 2 inches up – making a space for the curtain rod and leaving some fabric to go top.

Then I sewed the main piece to the trim pieces and was done!

You can do so many fun things with this pattern/tutorial! You can have one trim, make it longer, make it shorter – less gather – whatever you want! It is the perfect sewing project for beginners too! Have fun whipping some up!


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