How to Cut a Wide Board with a Miter Box

Sometimes you have the right tools and sometimes you don’t. Spencer and I have quite the collection of tools – but we still have a wish list… and one of those wish list tools is a sliding miter box. I would love to have a really nice miter box with a huge blade on a slide so I would be able to cut though wide boards – but we don’t so we have little tricks to help us! Today I want to show you a little trick to teach you how to cut a wide board with a miter box.

Cut a wide board on a miter box (2) copy

This board is a 1×10 – which is really 3/4 x 9 1/2 – and as you can see, it is too wide for my miter box.

Cut a wide board on a miter box (3) copy

I don’t want the edge to be choppy like the one below and would like a nice straight line – but don’t want to go through a lot of trouble to get it.

The first step is to measure your board and cut it clean through.

Cut a wide board on a miter box (4) copy

The front edge will still be uncut –

Cut a wide board on a miter box (9) copy

Flip the board over and withOUT starting the blade, put the blade in the cut to make sure the blade and the cut line up perfectly.

Hold the board perfectly still and tight and lift up the blade. Start the blade and finish cutting the wood! You will have a nice clean line and your wood will be cut all the way through!

Cut a wide board on a miter box (12) copy

Nice right!? So if you have a miter box with a blade not quite big enough – flip the wood and get started on your projects!

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