Toy Truck Bookends

In our home, we love books! I find my kids “reading” books all the time! I am constantly pulling books out from behind their beds where the books have slipped down when my kids were looking at them before they fell asleep. The hard part for me is figuring out how to display them while still letting them be accessible for the kids. I wanted to put some truck/construction books on my boy’s dresser but didn’t want to just stack them up — what to do, what to do? I was watching my kids play with their trucks when I go the idea to make some fun toy truck bookends… using toy trucks!

Toy Truck Book Ends (63) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (61) copy

This project is so simple and I made it using scraps from my wood pile and trucks my kids had in their toy box!

All you need are a few pieces of 1×6’s and toys!

Toy Truck Book Ends (1) copy

I picked out the trucks I was going to use and figured out my measurements by sitting the truck on the wood – it came out to be about 7” long. I cut the back pieces to be the same – so (4) 7” pieces.

Toy Truck Book Ends (2) copy

Their room is stained with Minwax Classic Gray so I went ahead and stained these classic gray too.

Toy Truck Book Ends (3) copy

After the pieces were dry, I used Gorilla wood glue to glue the pieces together and then used my Ryobi Airstrike Nailer to nail them together. I used four nails on each one.

Toy Truck Book Ends (8) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (13) copy

And then I realized that if I put these on the dresser, they would melt right into the gray and wouldn’t even stand out – so I took them outside and gave them a nice coat of my favorite Rustoleum Heirloom White.

Toy Truck Book Ends (5) copy

When the spray paint was dry, I used my sponge sander and roughed them up a bit. I am really glad I did the Classic Gray stain underneath because I like seeing the gray show through.

Toy Truck Book Ends (35) copy

Then I used E6000 to glue the trucks onto each side. I glued the wheels and  the back of the trucks and the E6000 held it perfect!

Toy Truck Book Ends (34) copy

Then I was done!

Toy Truck Book Ends (37) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (41) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (44) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (50) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (51) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (56) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (62) copy

Cute right!!??

So the big question… where did I get the trucks? Sadly, I don’t know where to get them… My son got them as a gift a couple years ago and I stole them out of his toy bin.  But really you guys! Every toy store has cute trucks… just go pick some out!! I think it would be really cute (and I was really tempted) to do a fire truck and an ambulance – you could even do some race cars!

And yes… I owe my kid a new truck… or two!

Have a great day!!


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  1. This is perfect for my son! He loves anything from and has a bunch of truck books and I love how easy this is. I’ll definitely have to find some extra time to make this for his room. Thanks!

  2. Super, super, SUPER cute project!!!

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