Easy One Hour 1×10 Serving Tray

Did you guys love my kitchen table? It still seems strange that I have that beauty in my dinning area but now I need some fun things to spruce it up! I thought up this easy one hour 1×10 serving tray and knew it was the perfect thing to put on my kitchen table. I shared it a few weeks ago over on The Crafting Chicks but wanted to share it here as well.

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray

Supplies Needed:

Spray Paint
Sand Paper
2 3” Cabinet Pulls (for handles)
Paint Tape
Glass Jar

Head on over to Home Depot and pick up a 1×10 – it doesn’t need to be very long because we are going to use our miter box and cut it to about 18” long. I just sort of eyed how long I wanted it and cut it. If your board is too wide for your miter box you can use this trick to cut it.

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (1) copy

After I cut the wood, I stained it “cherry” by Minwax.

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (2) copy

After the stain was dry, I used painters tape and tapped off the edges. I did one strip down the side and did two strips on the ends. I knew I was adding handles so I wanted the ends a little bit thicker.

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (4) copy

I sprayed the middle with Rustoleum Heirloom White.

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (5) copy

After everything was dry, I used sand paper and roughed it up a bit. I applied a clear varnish over the top of the tray to protect it a little bit.

I used a 3/16 drill bit to drill the holes for the handles and then added them.

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (7) copy

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (14) copy

And then you are finished!! So easy, right!?

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (9) copy

I didn’t want the screws on the bottom to scratch anything so I added felt pads to the bottom.

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (13) copy

I wanted to add some character to the serving tray and I am in love with Rustoleum Mirror Effect spray paint – so I sprayed a glass (pickle) jar I had with it and added it to the tray – then filled it with Daisies – my favorite flower!

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (8) copy

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (16) copy

There are so many great possibilities for this try to add character to your home – you can leave it plain.

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (11) copy

Or add a jar of flowers…

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (19) copy

Add a cute frame…

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (25) copy

Use it as a place to collect your mail and leave your keys…

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (27) copy

… or add a plate of treats!!

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (33) copy

You can put it on your coffee table and add your magazines or remotes. You can add some fun books and/or some fun décor items – there are so many fun possibilities.

This really is a a great and simple project that makes a huge impact!


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