Spooky String Art

I have seen some really fun string art in the past but thought it would be so fun to make some for Halloween because the string sort of looks like spider webs! I decided to go with Spooky String Art because I thought it would be so fun and it turns out… I was right! I am totally in love with it!

Spooky String Art

Spooky String Art (19) copy

Spooky String Art (20) copy

Want to make one for your home or porch? It’s so simple!

You will need:

Small Nails with heads
Silhouette Cameo or other cutting machine
Spray paint
Black embroidery thread
Sand paper

First, cut your 1×8 into a 24” piece.

Spooky String Art (1) copy

I sprayed the edges of my board with Rustoleum Black so when I sanded you would be able to see the black shinning through.

Spooky String Art (2) copy

Next, I used Rustoleum Cinnamon and sprayed the entire board.

Spooky String Art (3) copy

When everything was dry, I sanded my edges and let the black show through.

Spooky String Art (4) copy

I used my Silhouette Cameo and cut out SPOOKY vinyl lettering and applied it to my board. – The font I used was Aharoni. I liked it because it is blocky and plain.

Spooky String Art (8) copy

Next, I outlined each letter using my nails. I tried to nail them in 1/2” to 3/4” apart. Make sure you put them on each corner and add a couple extra to rounded letters to make your letters… round!

Spooky String Art (9) copy

I pulled the vinyl off the letter I was working one and using black embroidery thread, I outlined each letter and then wrapped the thread around and around until I had the look I was going for.  I did one letter at a time and tied off each one.

Spooky String Art (10) copy

There is no rhyme or reason to the way I did it. I just wrapped and wrapped and connected the “dots” until I like the way it looked and then moved onto the next letter.

Spooky String Art (14) copy

When you are done wrapping each letter you are done!

So simple… but so cute!!

Spooky String Art (13) copy

Spooky String Art (18) copy

I love how you can see the black coming through the board and the whole thing just looks sort of spooky and rustic and totally cute! Now I just need some cute spiders!

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Have a great day!!

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