Halloween Thistle Spiders

It’s October!! One of my very favorite months and we are getting ready to decorate for Halloween! You can’t have Halloween without Spiders, so last week the kids and I headed out on a walk down by the river to gather up thistles so we could make some Halloween Thistle Spiders!

Halloween Thistle Spiders (15)a

Thistles are funky little weeds that live and grow in the mountains, by canal roads and down by the river. They grow in groups so if you find one, you find a lot – they grow on sticks and we just take scissors and simply snip them off! They are a tiny bit pokey but not too bad.

Halloween Thistle Spiders (1) copy

The best way to spray paint them is to stick them all in a box – I like to use boxes from Costco because they are large and you can fit quite a few in there!

Halloween Thistle Spiders (2) copy

I use Rustoleum Black in semi-gloss and give them a nice coat of black.

Halloween Thistle Spiders (3) copy

You have to turn them and get them from all angles.

Halloween Thistle Spiders (5) copy

When they are nice and dry… add some googley eyes! Use the stem part as the nose and hot glue the eyes on right above.

Halloween Thistle Spiders (6) copy

For the legs, you use simple black pipe cleaner. You cut them into fourths and hot glue four legs onto each side!

Halloween Thistle Spiders (8) copy

Bend the legs and set them all around your house!

Halloween Thistle Spiders (9) copy

I just cannot get over how super cute they are!!

Halloween Thistle Spiders (11) copy

Halloween Thistle Spiders (15) copy

Halloween Thistle Spiders (20) copy

Halloween Thistle Spiders (23) copy

Take your family on a walk to a nearby river or head up the mountains in search of thistles and have fun making Halloween Thistle Spiders!!

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Have a great day!!

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