Polka Dot Succulent Planter

Happy Tuesday! Sorry we missed a post yesterday – the weekend was just too fun and I spent yesterday playing catch-up! I have been working on and building some pretty big projects that I cannot wait to share with you, including a huge project for my boys room and then I can do the full reveal! In the meantime, I felt like our little backyard picnic table needed a little “something” so I whipped up this fun little polka dot succulent planter and I am loving the white and gold!

Succulent Planter Box (42) copy

Succulent Planter Box (39) copy

Succulent Planter Box (40) copy

This is such an easy project and just perfect for beginners or a quick nap time project. It is also really easy to modify for your space. I used some pieces of 1×4’s and a 1×6 from my wood pile. To make this exact one here is a cut list:

Cut List:
(2) 1×4 @ 18”
(2) 1×4 @ 4”
(1) 1×6 @ 18”

You will need wood glue and a staple gun – or a drill and screws to build the box.

Attach the 4” pieces to the ends of a 1×4. Remember to use your wood glue – and staple the pieces together.  This will be one side and the ends.

Turn the piece on its side and glue all along the edge. Then staple your 1×6 (the bottom piece) on the side.

Glue once again along the bottom piece and attach your last side.

Now your box is built – it will look really familiar – almost like this shelf!

I knew I was going to be scuffing it up so I gave the edges a quick coat of Rustoleum Expresso.

Succulent Planter Box (10) copy

Then I gave the whole thing a good coat of Rustoleum Gold Metallic. This gold metallic pretty much rocks my world!

Succulent Planter Box (14) copy

Succulent Planter Box (16) copy

Using my Silhouette I cut out a bunch of vinyl polka dots and placed them all over the box.

Succulent Planter Box (20) copy

Then I gave it a good coat of Rustoleum Heirloom White. When the paint was dry I pulled off all the dots.

Succulent Planter Box (21) copy

Then I took my sponge sander to the whole thing and roughed it up a bit.

Succulent Planter Box (22) copy

Because I knew I was planting dry loving succulents I didn’t drill any holes in the bottom for drainage… if you are planting something that needs lots of water – drill a few holes for drainage so you don’t ruin your roots.  I added some rocks to the bottom.

Succulent Planter Box (23) copy

Then my little helper added a layer of moisture control potting soil.

Succulent Planter Box (24) copy

I added all the plants – mostly Jade type succulents – and then filled in around each plant with the potting soil and was done!

Succulent Planter Box (29) copy

I love it!! I love the polka dots and the white and the gold – especially with the bright green of the succulents!

Succulent Planter Box (32) copy

Succulent Planter Box (35) copy

Succulent Planter Box (36) copy

Succulent Planter Box (37) copy

Succulent Planter Box (44) copy

Succulent Planter Box (46) copy

These succulents are suppose to bloom with white flowers in the winter so I am excited to see that! This is my first go around with succulents so I hope I succeed and don’t kill them!


Easy One Hour Rustic Crate

Happy Friday!! Today we are sharing a quick project that I (amanda) built for The Crafting Chicks! Did you know that I am a contributor over there? I am! I  love those girls and it is so fun to work with them! The project I built for them is an an easy one hour rustic crate. This project is a great project if you are just learning to build and use tools.

Materials Needed:
1 1×4
1 1×10
Gorilla Glue
1” staples (or nails)

Tools Needed:
Miter Box
Staple Gun or Hammer
Tape Measure

Use your miter box and cut the 1×10 for your bottom and your ends. The length of the bottom is 16” and the ends are 9”. You can make them bigger or smaller if you would like to – the great thing about DIY is that you can make it how you want too!

Use your 1×4 and cut your sides to be the same length as your bottom piece – so I cut mine to be 16”. You will need four pieces for your sides.

Set up your ends to be about the same width apart as your bottom piece and add your gorilla wood glue to one end. Only apply the glue to one end so you don’t smear it on the other end.

Staple the glued end on.

Glue the other end and then staple it on as well. So you now have a “U” shape – like a bridge.

Now that the bottom and end pieces are glued and stapled you will lay the bottom and end pieces on their side and glue and staple the side pieces on. To do this – you need to apply glue to both ends of the bottom side piece.

You also want to glue the entire bottom side too – then line up the side with the bottom and staple it onto the end pieces.

Go up a couple inches and glue and staple the ends on the top side piece too.

Flip it over and glue and staple the side pieces to the other side as well. You can see that I left about an inch on the top and I love it like that but you can go to the top if you don’t. I like the character it adds.

Now we are into the project about 10 minutes! Sweet right? Now let’s paint it or stain it! I chose to paint this one!

DIY 1 hour rustic crate (12) copy

I used DecoArt Chalk Paint and gave it a coat of Yesteryear. I love this color – it is blueish gray and beautiful! I used my sander and scuffed it up a bit and then used a coat of clear wax to protect it.

I bought some 3” pulls from Home Depot and attached them and was done – Woot! Woot!

So easy and simple and perfect for so many storage reasons.

Like I said – this is a perfect project if you are just learning to use tools or if you only have a few minutes to build a project. If you don’t have a staple gun, use a hammer and nails – you will get the same rustic feel from the nails. Head out to Home Depot and pick up some supplies and whip up a couple of these – you will love them!

Have a great day and get building!


Easy One Hour Blanket Ladder

While at SNAP a few months ago, I attended a class taught by the darling Shanty 2 Chic sisters. They build all kinds of fun things and in the class they made a simple little blanket ladder. I loved it and knew that I could use one in my home too so this past weekend I whipped up my version of the easy one hour blanket ladder.

Easy One Hour Rustic Blanket Ladder

Supplies needed:
(2) 8 ft 2×4’s
3” screws
a miter box
a drill

Cut List:
2 at 54”
4 at 13”

I found this 2×4 in my supply that had a cut in it from a different project and decided to use it. I cut it on the mark, which was 54” tall, and cut out two 13” pieces as well. I did the same with the second piece.

Easy One Hour Rustic Blanket Ladder (2) copy

I did cut one end on each piece at a 15 degree angle so it would lean back nicely against the wall.

I lined up the side pieces and mark them together so each side would be the exact same. I made the first line about 3 inches from the top and then marked the width of the board (3.5”) and then marked 10” and started the pattern over again.

At first I was going to use my Ryobi airstrike nailer and wood glue and glue the rungs on straight – but then I decided to twist the rungs a little bit for some character. Spencer came out and asked what I was doing and I told him I was building a blanket ladder and he told me that I probably needed to use a drill and 3” screws because our kids would climb on it – he was right!

I turned the ladder on the side and making sure my rungs lined up with my marks on the inside – I pilot drilled and used my impact driver to drive in the 3” screws.

You can see in the above photo that the first side is done. I simply flipped it over and did the same thing on the other side – making sure the rungs line up with my marks.

You need two screws for each rung on each side so the rungs don’t twist and turn.

Usually I take all the photos so it was kind of fun to find this picture that Spencer took – see!! I totally built by myself! Woot! Woot!

Easy One Hour Rustic Blanket Ladder (15) copy

I painted it with DecoArt Chalk Paint called Yesteryear. Then I sanded it and roughed it up a bit and applied the DecoArt Clear Cream Wax. I love chalk paint because it is super easy to apply and it dries really quick!

Easy One Hour Rustic Blanket Ladder (18) copy

Then I leaned up against the wall, added my blankets and was done!

Easy One Hour Rustic Blanket Ladder (21) copy

Easy One Hour Rustic Blanket Ladder (31) copy

Easy One Hour Rustic Blanket Ladder (36) copy

Easy One Hour Rustic Blanket Ladder (39) copy

Easy One Hour Rustic Blanket Ladder (49) copy

I love that we can fold them and “display” them instead of throwing them over the back of the couch or hiding them in a basket. All three of these blankets are from IKEA – but it would be really cute and special if you had some heirloom blankets to display!


Whimsical Wooden Pallet Flag

Happy Memorial Day!

Today is a special day to celebrate all our loved ones who have passed on before us – and to honor all our loved ones who fought so bravely for our Country. I am thankful for all the brave men and women who have fought so hard, with courage, for our freedom.

Today I have a fun little Americana project in honor of Memorial Day – a whimsical wooden pallet flag – made from 1×4’s.

Whimsical Wooden Pallet Flag (34) copy

The awesome thing about this project is that I had everything I needed to make this on hand. I have a bunch of scrap wood hanging around in my garage that needs to turn into projects and the first one I tackled was this wooden flag.

Supplies Needed:

2 1×4’s
1 1×2 or Paint Sticks
Staple Gun/Drill & Screws
Gorilla Wood Glue
Red, White, Blue Paint
Vinyl Stars

Whimsical Wooden Pallet Flag (1) copy

I used my miter box and cut my 1×4’s into different lengths. The longest being 36” and the shortest being 34”.  I cut four pieces and they measure 14” across. I cut my 1×2 to be 12” long.

Whimsical Wooden Pallet Flag (2) copy 

I kept the top straight and let the bottom vary. I used gorilla glue and glued the 1×2’s to the top and bottom of the 1×4’s in the middle –

and the stapled it together with my Ridgid Stapler. If you don’t have a stapler you could use a pin nailer, or a drill and screws.

I spray painted it with Rustoluem Heirloom White ….

… then taped it off and painted red stripes.

Using my Silhouette Cameo, I cut out 9 stars with vinyl and applied them. I taped off the stripes…

… and gave it a messy layer of blue paint. Then I peeled off the vinyl stars.

I wanted it rustic looking (hence the messy blue paint) so I scuffed it up with a sanding sponge.

I used Minwax Clear Express to apply a protection clear coat since it will be hanging outside and was done!

Simple right! It take about 10 minutes to cut the wood and put it together and then you just have to wait for your paint to dry!

Whimsical Wooden Pallet Flag (28) copy Whimsical Wooden Pallet Flag (29) copy Whimsical Wooden Pallet Flag (30) copy  Whimsical Wooden Pallet Flag (32) copy Whimsical Wooden Pallet Flag (34) copy

Simple and fun – and super quick to make! Run to Home Depot and pick up your wood and get to work on one today! Have a great Memorial Day and while you our BBQing remember those that made it possible!


Planked Kitchen Art

A few weeks ago I had the honor of guest posting over at Skip to My Lou and shared this Planked Kitchen Art that I created for our kitchen wall. I loved the way the planked truck art turned out and wanted something similar for my kitchen and am so glad I built these because I absolutely love them!

Our Kitchen is one of the main focuses in our home but is lacking décor. I wanted to share my recent build/décor item with you guys and give you a few tips to make your own as well. To make your own you will need the following supplies:

(3) 1×4
(1) 1/4” 2×4 MDF Board
Wood Glue
Sand Paper
Pin Nailer
1” pin nails
Clear Coat

First, you will need to make your planked canvas. I decided to make these one square and they measure 17.5” x 17.5”. The side lengths are 17.5” and the 5 middle sections are 10.5”. I used 1×4’s and 1/4” MDF to assemble them and you can find all the tips you need to that here.

Tip: Home Depot will cut anything you need so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a miter saw or a table saw.

I used Minwax Cherry Stain to stain each planked board.

I then cut out some fun “Kitchen” shapes using my Silhouette Cameo and vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. I used the “bones” as the template.

Using plain white paint, I filled in my template.

After the paint had dried, I sanded the whole piece and roughed it up a little to achieve a “weathered” look.

I also gave them a quick matte clear coat from Rustoleum to protect them.

I then attached picture hangers to the backs and hung them on my wall.

I absolutely love the way they turned out. We are currently adding a craftsman/farmhouse style to our kitchen and they go perfect with the board and batten we installed and the white subway tile.

Planked Utensil Art (21) copy

 I love them so much and they fit in perfect with our cherry wood floors. I love the knots and the weathered look and the scraped up paint – just everything about them!!


How to Sew A Simple Valance

No room is complete without a window treatment so I wanted to show you how to sew a simple valance today. A valance is a great way to bring personality into the room because you can use different colors and patterns and mix and match and it creates a big bang in a small area.

First things first – measure your window and figure out how much fabric you need and make a plan. My window is 52” wide and I wanted the valance to be 14” long. I also wanted a main fabric and two trims.

I wanted the valance to be really full and gathered so I doubled the length. 52”+52”=104”

Add up your length:
2” above the rod.
2” for the rod.
10” for top fabric
2” for trim#1
2” for trim #2

For this valance I picked what fabric I wanted to use – Peak Hour by Riley Blake – I picked the stripe for the main piece and the blue and red/orange for the trim pieces.

I need a yard and a fourth for the main and 1/4 yard for both trims.

I cut the trim pieces into 3 inch pieces to leave space for the 1/2” seam allowance.

The red/orange goes in the bottom so I sewed the three pieces together and then sewed a hem – leaving one side raw.

Then I sewed the blue trim pieces together and with right-sides facing I sewed the two trim pieces together.

I cut the main fabric at 14.5”

I sewed all the pieces together and then I folded it down four inches (with wrong sides touching) and pressed it.

I stitched the bottom and then stitched 2 inches up – making a space for the curtain rod and leaving some fabric to go top.

Then I sewed the main piece to the trim pieces and was done!

You can do so many fun things with this pattern/tutorial! You can have one trim, make it longer, make it shorter – less gather – whatever you want! It is the perfect sewing project for beginners too! Have fun whipping some up!


Easy One Hour 1×6 Floating Shelf

A little bit ago, I was over at the 733 Blog sharing a recent project I had completed for my boys room!  As you guys know, I have slowly been finishing up and decorating their room and I wanted to add a shelf to their wall so I built an easy one hour 1×6 floating Shelf.

The best part of building things yourself is that you can make them the size, shape or length you want. This shelf is 5 feet long, but if you need/want one longer you can follow the same steps, just adjust the lengths to your measurement. This shelf is a really easy build and you can be waiting on stain to dry in just an hour!


(3) 1” x 6” x 6” pine boards
Wood Glue
(1) 2×4
Pin nailer/nails
Wood Filler
1 x 1 1/2” bolts (optional)
Stain of your choice.


(3) 1” x 6” x 6” at 5 feet. (top, bottom and front/face)
(2) 1” x 6” x 6” at 4 inches (sides)

If you don’t have a miter box, Home Depot will cut the wood for you.

1 Hour 1x6 Shelf (2) copy

Pick the piece you want as your face piece. I wanted mine to be knotty and look rustic and old so I picked the one with the most “character.” It even had a little crack in the face.

Glue the entire edge of top piece.

Then using your pin nailer or nails and hammer, nail the face piece to the top piece.

Then glue and nail your face piece to the bottom piece.

You should have a box…. missing the bottom. It should look like this. The face piece for your shelf is the piece on the top in this picture. The shelf face will have nail holes.

1 Hour 1x6 Shelf (6) copy

Glue both sides of the side pieces, insert them into the end and nail in place.

Now the shelf is built!! Give it a quick sand to smooth it out a bit.

Fill the little holes with wood filler or if you have a matching putty, just wait and putty when you are done staining.
All the wood in my boy’s room is stained Classic Gray by Minwax so that was my stain of choice.

1 Hour 1x6 Shelf (11) copy

After your stain is dry, sand your shelf down again to give it a weathered look – then give it a once-over with Rustoleum Matte Clear Finish Spray.

It has been about an hour and you are done building and just waiting for everything to dry and cure. I waited over night and was ready to hang the shelf up – but first I wanted to add a little bit of character to the shelf. Using the same bolts I used to hang up their planked truck art and to attach their bed rails – I screwed them into the wood.

These are purely for decoration! But if you want some too… measure in 1 1/4” from each side and mark it.

Use a 9/64 drill bit and pilot drill a hole.

1 Hour 1x6 Shelf (18) copy

After you pilot drill use your bolt and 7/16 socket bit and drill them in.

1 Hour 1x6 Shelf (38) copy


Now your shelf is built, dry and ready to hang.

Measure the inside of your shelf – Mine is 58 1/2” and then cut your 2×4 to be 1/2 an inch smaller – so I cut mine at 58”.

Find the center of where you want to hang your shelf, use your level to make sure it is straight and screw your 2×4 in the wall at the studs. If you don’t have studs – use drywall anchors – but make sure your 2×4 is nice and secure and level!

Now you screw your shelf into the 2×4 and you are set. To make this part easier, measure in 3/4” to make sure you hit the middle of the 2×4 and pre-drill your screws.

1 Hour 1x6 Shelf (31) copy

Before you drill, if you need to, make sure you measure both sides of the wall to make sure your shelf is right in the middle. Since your 2×4 is only 1/2” smaller than your shelf you wont have to wiggle it too much. Then finish drilling your screws into the 2×4.

And now you are done! It seems like there are a lot of steps, but trust me – this is an easy to build shelf and hanging it is a breeze!!

I love how fun and rustic it is and I love the screw accents! I matches their beds and their planked truck art perfectly! Now to decorate the floating shelf! I need some fun frames and cute printable and… trucks!


15 Green Accent Furniture Pieces

I love a good accent piece and I love spray paint! Transforming an old, rustic piece into something new and beautiful is fun and exciting! I have search the internet to bring you 15 green accent furniture pieces that will have you “green with envy!” Each one is beautiful and charming and I want them all in my home! Enjoy!

Green with Envy Collage copy

(To go the original website simply click on the picture!)

Tobi Fairley Guest Room

lime green 30 Mystery Misc. (35 photos)

how fun to thrift an old table and paint a wow color to use as a desk.

durango console

The Evolving Process of Style via MakelyHome.com

kitchen want.  i've been looking for a hutch for the kitchen for many months.  if this one had some display area on top it would be perfect.


8 Different ways to use baskets! I need to go to Ross right now and get some more baskets!

Table...I could make this when I'm off this summer!  Must try, it would look great in our entryway and be super cost efficient!

My Passion For Decor: White And Neglected Craigslist Dresser Turned Green Beauty

Google Image Result for http://www.calfinder.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/vintage-bohemia-rocking-chair.jpg

green with envy. love this paint job! i love a funky green by leanna

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Peak Hour Pillows

Have you guys entered to win $25 to expressions vinyl yet? If not, go here to do so!!

After I finished up the quilts for my boy’s room, I had a few extra scraps so I whipped up some really fun pillow cases and decorative pillows for their beds. I call them their peak hour pillows since I used the Peak Hour Fabric line from Riley Blake to make them.

I use 3/4 yard of fabric to make my pillowcases. I bought some red and yellow cotton fabric at Hobby Lobby (since I knew I would not have enough fabric) and sewed the peak hour ends on.  I cut the red and yellow parts to be 27” and then cut the peak hour ends at 12” so I could fold the ends over and sew them about 4 inches down so the raw edge is inside the pillow.

For the orange polka dot pillow I simply cut the fabric a half and inch larger than my pillow to allow for seam allowance and then sewed them together leaving the bottom open a bit so I could insert the pillow and then hand-stitched it up! Easy Peasy!

I had a bunch of odds and ends scrap pieces so I cut them into strips and sewed a few together to make the fronts of the striped pillows. I backed them in orange fabric and then sewed the front and back together with right-sides together, flipped it right-side out, inserted my pillow and hand-stitched it up! You can find a tutorial here. I love the striped pillows because they add a fun aspect to the bed.

And yes… I made a couple extra so Zachary can have some when he is out of his crib!

Peak Hour Pillows (14) copy 

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Planked Truck Art

You know when you envision a project and then you have that miracle moment when it turns out better in real life than you thought it would in your head? For me, that moment was this project – Planked Truck Art.

I wanted to create something fun, bold and unique but with a rustic/farmhouse touch to hang on the wall in my son’s room. Their room is going to be a mix of little boy, rustic and machine and I wanted something that would group those characteristics together.

I really love planked art and thought it might be fun to do a version with trucks, but the whole idea became quite real when I heard about paints from Modern Masters. They have a whole line of Metallic paints and I knew they would be perfect for painting the trucks!

Want to make some of your own too!? Here is how I did it!

Build Your Own Planked Art Canvas

cut and stain collage

1. Cut your 1×4’s. For each canvas you will need 2 at 14” and 4 at 10.5”
The finished product is 14” x 17.5”
For three you would need 6 at 14” and 12 at 10.5”

2. Stain your wood pieces. Quinn’s and Zachary’s room will be done in Classic Gray so I stained them gray.

3. When the stain is dry, sand the wood down and give it the weathered/rustic look you desire.

Build a plank collage

Note: I do not own a Kreg Jig (on my wish list!) so I went with this method.

4. Cut out 1/4” MDF to be the size (or close to the size) of your finished project. You can find small sheets at Home Depot and they will cut them for you if you would like. I choose this because it is thin and light and will give me a level back.

5. Using wood glue, glue your top piece to the very top of the MDF. This will give you a nice straight edge.

6. Flip it over, line it up, make sure it is even on both sides and then pin nail it in using 1” nails.

7. Flip it back over and glue your next pieces down.

8. Making sure your pieces are level with the top piece, lift up your MDF at and angle and shoot one pin nail in the end of each of the four wood pieces. This will hold them in place so you can flip the whole thing over and add more nails to the back.

9. Glue and nail your bottom piece on.

Wood Planked Farmhouse Truck Art (32) copy

And you are done!

Now we have our canvas and can begin to paint!

I used my Silhouette Cameo and downloaded some fun trucks that I liked and cut them out using expressions vinyl. I then applied the “bones” of the vinyl to my canvas.

Then used Pharaohs Gold, Green Apple, Burnt Orange and Sashay Red to paint the template.

The black paint is some paint I had in my supply. I didn’t thing about the tires when ordering and actually like that they are not metallic like the trucks. It gives them more of a “real life” aspect.

This metallic paint is awesome. It brushes on really nice and is all shiny and metallic-y and the trucks look metal – and I love that!

When I was done painting I took off the template/bones and let it dry.

I sanded over the edges of the truck a little to make it look weathered but not too much over the paint itself. I didn’t want to mute the finish.

At the last minute I decided to add some metal chains to the art. I picked up some chain at Home Depot – 3 feet for $1.75 and used a foot of chain for each one.

I measured in from each side 3.5” and used my staple gun to staple the chain to the board at the top of each one. Then I hammered the staple in as flush as I could.

I used command strips to actually hang each piece. The chain is simply for decoration. I used to strips per each piece.

Using my level and my darling little helper (who is constantly asking what she can do to help me!) I hung them up 5 inches apart from one another.


After they were secure to the wall I used 1” x 1/4” bolts to secure the chain. The bolts are only for decoration. I did not use drywall anchors or anything. I simply screwed them into the wall.

I am so happy with how these turned out! I totally love them!


They look awesome with the board and batten I installed and give the perfect vibe for their room. If your haven’t heard of Modern Masters head on over and check them out! They have so many fun metallic colors that could be used in any room of the house! You will love their paint!

I have been sewing and assembling and have a lot of fun things to show you in their room so y’all come back now ya hear!!

Happy Wednesday!

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