15 Green Accent Furniture Pieces

I love a good accent piece and I love spray paint! Transforming an old, rustic piece into something new and beautiful is fun and exciting! I have search the internet to bring you 15 green accent furniture pieces that will have you “green with envy!” Each one is beautiful and charming and I want them all in my home! Enjoy!

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Tobi Fairley Guest Room

lime green 30 Mystery Misc. (35 photos)

how fun to thrift an old table and paint a wow color to use as a desk.

durango console

The Evolving Process of Style via MakelyHome.com

kitchen want.  i've been looking for a hutch for the kitchen for many months.  if this one had some display area on top it would be perfect.


8 Different ways to use baskets! I need to go to Ross right now and get some more baskets!

Table...I could make this when I'm off this summer!  Must try, it would look great in our entryway and be super cost efficient!

My Passion For Decor: White And Neglected Craigslist Dresser Turned Green Beauty

Google Image Result for http://www.calfinder.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/vintage-bohemia-rocking-chair.jpg

green with envy. love this paint job! i love a funky green by leanna

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Build Your Own Pottery Barn Kids Emmett Twin Bed

You guys!! Today I am sharing How to Build Your Own Pottery Barn Kids Emmett Twin Bed that I totally knocked-off thanks to Ana White! But the very best part of this whole project is that I built it all by myself. Usually Spencer is around to help me out when we build things but he was out of town and I wanted it done… you know… that minute… so I busted this bad boy out myself!

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (22) copy

I am in love with this bed but the best part is that it gave me a lot of confidence that I was lacking to start building things! I mostly followed the plans that Ana White made, but had to change a few things up a bit because I don’t have a kreg jig.

I had to attach the sides together by countersinking screws and pilot drilling and using wood filler… but it was worth it! I also attached the plywood to the back by drilling screws through the back. I figured you wouldn’t be able to see them anyway.

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (31) copy

After the bed was built, I used Minwax Classic Gray to stain it. I brushed the stain on…

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (32) copy

… and then wiped it off.

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (35) copy

After the stain was dry I used my quarter sander to sand it down a bit to make it look a bit more weathered.

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (37) copy

Then I gave it a nice clear coat of this minwax express clear protective wiping finish.

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (38) copy

When it came time to assemble the bed, Spencer was home so we worked together and got it done. We changed this part up a little bit too. I used the 2×4’s in the plans, and added a couple braces across.

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (2) copy

If you do yours this way, figure out where you want to drill your rails in and then cut your middle braces to fit. I wanted mine in the middle of the headboard and footboard 2×4’s. We drilled pilot holes and then used 1/4” x 4” bolts to attach the 2×4 rails to the footboard and headboard.

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (3) copy

These bolts are the large version of the ones I used to hang up the planked truck art in their room.

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (1) copy

We used a 7/16” socket bit and drilled them in and I really love them.

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (4) copy

I knew that we would be drilling through the footboard and I did not want big holes, nor did I want to fill those holes and sand them down  in case I wanted to take them apart – which I know will happen one day. I love this option because it looks nice and clean but still a bit rustic.

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (20) copy

After the rails and braces were in place we cut a piece of 1/2” plywood and set it on top and screwed it into the rails to hold it in place.

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (15) copy

We attached the rails at the height of 13” so I can store bins of toys under the bed. The bins are 12 1/2” tall so there is 1/2” of space left. From here you can add the 1×6’s to the sides and then add your mattress. I opted not to do this step so I could add a bed skirt between the plywood and mattress.

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (17) copy

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (19) copy

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (30) copy

Knock-Off Pottery Barn Emmett Bed  (12) copy

With the rails being 13” high and the 4 1/2” for the 2×4 and plywood and then add the 8” mattress — and the bed seems a bit high for my 4-year old but he loves it and sadly… he will grow up!

The best part of building things yourself is that you can make them what you want them to be!


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2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Coffee Table

A few days after Christmas, I got the idea in my head that I wanted Spencer to build me a coffee table. I wanted it to be big and chunky and have farmhouse appeal. I searched the web and found some great plans for almost exactly what I wanted and decided to go with the plans from More Like Home. Spencer and I loaded up the kids, headed out to Home Depot to grab our 2×4’s and came home to build it.

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-93 copy

Spencer cut everything in the garage and then we assembled it in the family room while we watched a movie. It is a pretty simple build and we followed the plans – except we don’t have a Kreg Jig and so we used our speedbor method to countersink the screws – and it worked perfect! I’m not going to reinvent the wheel so if you would like to build this table, head over More Like Home and follow her plans!

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-2 copy

I puttied the screw holes and used my quarter sheet sander to sand it down a bit. I also stained the edges of the coffee table with Minwax Cherry Stain so when I sanded for my farmhouse look I would have a cherry color show through and match the wood in our home.

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-19 copy

And then she sat in the garage for a few weeks. It was too cold to spray paint. I didn’t want brush marks from regular paint. I didn’t want to stain… so I was a little bit stuck.

In the meantime, Annie Sloan Unfolded contacted me and asked if  I would be willing to review a few of their products – when they arrived, I knew it would be the perfect paint for my coffee table.

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-13 copy

I have heard and seen a lot of great reviews for Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan so I was excited to try it out – especially on something that Spencer and I had worked on together. I picked Old White for an antique look.

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-21 copy

Using the brush, I was provided, I brushed the paint onto the coffee table. I was impressed with how smoothly it went on and how very little brush marks were made. I love how big this brush is and it paints like a dream. My only complaint about the brush is I did have to pick out a few bristles – which can be annoying but with how smooth the rest of the work went, a couple bristles was worth it for me.

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-23 copy

I was also impressed with how quickly the paint went on and how little paint I actually had to use. I applied two coats to the top of the table but used only one coat on the rest and was really impressed with the coverage. I only used about 1/4 of the can to paint this table. The paint also dried fairly quickly.

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-25 copy

When the paint was dried, I used my sander and gave the table a quick once over. This took away any brush marks that had been made. I also scuffed it up a bit and weathered it a bit to look more “farmhouse-ish.”

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-29 copy

After I had the desired look I wanted, I used the same brush to brush on the clear wax. I was a bit worried about the wax but it went on nice and smooth and didn’t take to long either.

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-32 copy

I simply dipped my brush into the wax and brushed it on. I applied two coats to the top of the table for extra protection.

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-35 copy

Using cheesecloth I buffed the wax for a satin shine on the entire table. This was probably the most time consuming part of the painting/finishing part of the project but was still not to bad.

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-90 copy

I have never used wax before so I let is dry for a couple days before using it or decorating it and then it was ready.

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-84 copy

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-92 copy

2 x 4 Chunky Farmhouse Table-86 copy

I love the way this table turned out and am totally sold on Chalk Paint®! It is so fun looking at the coffee table knowing that Spencer and I built and finished this together!

There is nothing like a handmade home!

Have a great Monday and if you see if you see Chalk Paint® anywhere I highly recommend picking some up! I cannot wait to try out some other colors.

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