A Simple Crib Skirt Tutorial

I have shown you my 4-year olds bed and everything to go with it, so lets move over to the other side of the room and visit my baby’s side! Well, I guess he isn’t a baby anymore – more of an eighteen month toddler – but I call him my baby! I have had his crib bedding sewn for a while, I am just getting around to sharing it! Today I am sharing a simple crib skirt tutorial.

A simple crib skirt tutorial

Cut a piece of muslin or just plain white fabric 1″ larger than your crib platform. A standard crib size is 28 1/2″ x 53″, so you will need to cut a piece 29 1/2″ x 54″.

I wanted my crib skirt to be 13” long – including the trim, so I cut my main piece at 10” and my trim at 4” so I could allow for a 1/2” seam allowance.

Next, I sewed the side pieces together so they were each 55” long. I cut the end pieces to be 30 1/2″ long.

After all four sides were cut, I sewed them together along with the trim and hemmed the sides with a 1/2” seam allowance.

Then, I sewed them to the white fabric/muslin. I started with the ends and just sewed from corner to corner.


The side pieces should fit perfectly between the two ends. Sew them on from side to side. You don’t want to sew the side pieces to end pieces. You want them open so the hang right when you put it on the crib.

For some reason I cannot find the picture of all four sides done – but unlike the simple bed skirt I sewed, this crib skirt does have all four sides.

After you sew all four sides – you are done!!!


Have a great Monday!


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How to Sew A Simple Valance

No room is complete without a window treatment so I wanted to show you how to sew a simple valance today. A valance is a great way to bring personality into the room because you can use different colors and patterns and mix and match and it creates a big bang in a small area.

First things first – measure your window and figure out how much fabric you need and make a plan. My window is 52” wide and I wanted the valance to be 14” long. I also wanted a main fabric and two trims.

I wanted the valance to be really full and gathered so I doubled the length. 52”+52”=104”

Add up your length:
2” above the rod.
2” for the rod.
10” for top fabric
2” for trim#1
2” for trim #2

For this valance I picked what fabric I wanted to use – Peak Hour by Riley Blake – I picked the stripe for the main piece and the blue and red/orange for the trim pieces.

I need a yard and a fourth for the main and 1/4 yard for both trims.

I cut the trim pieces into 3 inch pieces to leave space for the 1/2” seam allowance.

The red/orange goes in the bottom so I sewed the three pieces together and then sewed a hem – leaving one side raw.

Then I sewed the blue trim pieces together and with right-sides facing I sewed the two trim pieces together.

I cut the main fabric at 14.5”

I sewed all the pieces together and then I folded it down four inches (with wrong sides touching) and pressed it.

I stitched the bottom and then stitched 2 inches up – making a space for the curtain rod and leaving some fabric to go top.

Then I sewed the main piece to the trim pieces and was done!

You can do so many fun things with this pattern/tutorial! You can have one trim, make it longer, make it shorter – less gather – whatever you want! It is the perfect sewing project for beginners too! Have fun whipping some up!


Peak Hour Pillows

Have you guys entered to win $25 to expressions vinyl yet? If not, go here to do so!!

After I finished up the quilts for my boy’s room, I had a few extra scraps so I whipped up some really fun pillow cases and decorative pillows for their beds. I call them their peak hour pillows since I used the Peak Hour Fabric line from Riley Blake to make them.

I use 3/4 yard of fabric to make my pillowcases. I bought some red and yellow cotton fabric at Hobby Lobby (since I knew I would not have enough fabric) and sewed the peak hour ends on.  I cut the red and yellow parts to be 27” and then cut the peak hour ends at 12” so I could fold the ends over and sew them about 4 inches down so the raw edge is inside the pillow.

For the orange polka dot pillow I simply cut the fabric a half and inch larger than my pillow to allow for seam allowance and then sewed them together leaving the bottom open a bit so I could insert the pillow and then hand-stitched it up! Easy Peasy!

I had a bunch of odds and ends scrap pieces so I cut them into strips and sewed a few together to make the fronts of the striped pillows. I backed them in orange fabric and then sewed the front and back together with right-sides together, flipped it right-side out, inserted my pillow and hand-stitched it up! You can find a tutorial here. I love the striped pillows because they add a fun aspect to the bed.

And yes… I made a couple extra so Zachary can have some when he is out of his crib!

Peak Hour Pillows (14) copy 

Linked to the Link Party Palooza


Boys Trucks and Cars Quilt

Hello Friends! If you guys are new here, welcome! I have been revamping my boys room and have been sharing fun projects like their board and Batten and the Knock-Off Pottery Barn Kids Emmett Bed I built. Today I am sharing these darling Boys Trucks and Cars Quilt I made for their beds.

Riley Blake came out with this fabric line (called Peak Hour) a little while ago and the moment I saw it I knew that was the fabric I wanted for my boys room. It is so fun and colorful with all the trucks and cars and I knew my boys would just love it.

I love all the different patterns the Peak Hour line has to offer and have been using the fabric for other projects in their room as well. There is even a pattern on their site that I loved and used for these quilts. I wanted the quilts to be a bit longer so I added a few inches to the end and sides and they came out quite nicely!

Boys Cars and Trucks Quilt (42) copy Boys Cars and Trucks Quilt (44) copy

Zachary is still in a crib but I wanted their beds to match when he was older so Riley Blake was nice enough to send me fabric to make him a quilt as well.

After I made the tops for the quilts, I took them to Eagle Mountain Quilting and they quilted them with a darling car and arrow design that work perfect for the quilt.

Boys Cars and Trucks Quilt (56) copy Boys Cars and Trucks Quilt (57) copy

I hand-stitched the binding with their coordinating colors and was done!

Boys Cars and Trucks Quilt (52) copy

I just love how they turned out and I love the color they bring into their room. I think they look awesome with their headboard and footboard and the bed skirt! I also love Quinn’s quilt with the orange sheets and yellow microfiber blanket I purchased at Target.

I didn’t forget about the crib bedding and will be sharing the crib skirt and bumper pads I made for Zachary next week!


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