Add Planking Around Your Fireplace

My sister and her husband purchased a new (to them) home this past spring and spent a few weeks remodeling before they moved in. They still have a lot of work to do but are trying to get settled and finish up big projects. I was over at her house helping with cabinets when she asked me about her fireplace. I told her “We should Add Planking Around Your Fireplace” and so we did! And it turned out really very cute!

How to add planking around a fireplace

Cute right? I love love love how it turned out and I love the wooden mantel! The floors in her home are the walnut wood tile so the walnut mantel totally ties it all together!

How to add planking around a fireplace (32) copy

How to add planking around a fireplace (34) copy

How to add planking around a fireplace (35) copy

Do you want to add planking to your fireplace too? Here is what we did!

Here is what the fireplace looked like before…

How to add planking around a fireplace (2) copy

First you need your planking material. Kait (my sister) had a bunch of 3” wide 1/2” MDF slats from a previous project in her garage so we used those. You can use MDF or you can use utility plywood and you can cut them to the size that you like. I really liked the 3” wide slats. yes, we had to cut a few more planks than if we had used a wider plank, but I liked having more planks on the wall.

To start, I measured across the entire area and had the measurements of 65.5”.  Using a level and my Ryobi Airstrike Nailer and 2” pin nails, I nailed the first plank, completely level, right above the fireplace.

Each piece is mitered at a 45 degree angle to lay flat against the adjoining wall. The longer pieces are mitered on both ends and the smaller pieces have a straight edge by the fireplace and a miter on the side against the wall.

How to add planking around a fireplace (3) copy

From there we worked our way up the wall and down both sides of the fireplace, using 2 quarters to help us with the width in-between each plank.

She has a light switch on her fireplace wall so I needed to cut out around those.

How to add planking around a fireplace (4) copy

I measured the lights and drew lines on my planks and then used my Ryobi Jigsaw to simply cut out the pieces for the lights. You want your lights to sit on top of the planking.

How to add planking around a fireplace (5) copy

In order to bring the planking all the way to the floor, we had to cut out a bit of the existing baseboard. I simply used the Ryobi Multi Tool and cut off the baseboard.

How to add planking around a fireplace (7) copy

After all our planks were nailed on, I cut two side pieces. Where the fireplace wall and the walls in the room met was a little wonky because of the dry wall and so our pieces seemed off. We wanted nice straight edges so I cut two pieces the length of the fireplace wall and mitered one side to the 45 degree angel on my table saw so it would sit flush. The side pieces also worked perfect for tying into the baseboard.

How to add planking around a fireplace (8) copy

How to add planking around a fireplace (10) copy

And then we were done building and just needed to putty, caulk and paint! We puttied all the nail holes and sanded the whole wall down.

How to add planking around a fireplace (9) copy

The only place we caulked were the side pieces next to the wall so there would nice, clean straight lines. Everything else was left alone to give the look of real “planks.”

How to add planking around a fireplace (12) copy

When everything was dry, we whipped the wall down with a damp rag and then taped off and Kait painted the whole thing white to match the white in her home.

How to add planking around a fireplace (15) copy

While Kait was painting the planks, I built the mantel using the same pattern I used to make the Rustic Shelf in my sons room. Kait wanted her mantel to be a little deeper so instead of using 1×6’s I used 1×8’s.

I built the whole thing in about 10 minutes and then used Mixwax wood finishing cloths in Walnut to stain the whole thing. I let the mantel dry over night.

How to add planking around a fireplace (13) copy

We let the paint dry over night.  We almost left it like this! It looks so nice and fresh and clean, but she wanted a mantel over the fireplace so we added it!

How to add planking around a fireplace (17) copy

How to add planking around a fireplace (18) copy

To hang the mantel, I used a 2×4 and using 3” nails, secured it the wall where the 2×4’s in the wall were. The mantel is 5’ long so I cut the 2×4 to be 4.5’ long.

How to add planking around a fireplace (19) copy

Then I centered the mantel on the 2×4 and used four (4) 2” screws to screw it into the 2×4 from the top. You can find a tutorial for that here.

And then we were done!!

How to add planking around a fireplace (20) copy

How to add planking around a fireplace (21) copy

All we had left to do was decorate!!

How to add planking around a fireplace (23) copy

How to add planking around a fireplace (24) copy

How to add planking around a fireplace (25) copy

How to add planking around a fireplace (26) copy

How to add planking around a fireplace (27) copy

I love how this fireplace turned out and it is definitely the center piece/accent wall of the room! If you love it too… we would love your pins and shares!!

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Have a great day!!

Gray-Stained Farmhouse Nightstand

You guys!! If you follow me on instagram you have already heard the news!! But this past weekend I sold my very first custom bedroom set! The cute lady who wanted the set, wanted a nightstand so I had the opportunity to build this darling gray-stained farmhouse nightstand!

gray-stained farmhouse nightstand (10) copy

I found the plans on Ana White and switched them up a little bit. I love how it turned out and am thinking I may need to build a couple for my bedroom! The drawer is nice and big and slides out pretty easily and I love the bottom shelf too – some cute baskets would go great there!

gray-stained farmhouse nightstand (3) copy

gray-stained farmhouse nightstand (4) copy

gray-stained farmhouse nightstand (6) copy

If you are thinking about building this dresser, let me give you a few tips – because the cut list on Ana’s site is wrong – and I wanted to pull my hair out on such a simple project – because it took sooo much longer and I had to recut and cut new pieces. Here is a correct cut list!

2 – 1×12 @ 8 3/4″ (Sides)
4 – 1×2 @ 11 1/4″ (Side Trim – needs to be width of your 1x12s)
4 – 2×2 @ 26 1/4″ (Legs)
2 – 2×2 @ 11 1/4″ (Side Stretchers, same width as your 1x12s)
4 – 2×2 @ 23″ (Front/Back Trim)
1 – 1/4″ Plywood or paneling or other sheet goods @ 26″ x 8 1/2″ (back, optional)
3 – 1×2 @ 11 1/4″ (Top Supports)
3 – 1×6 @ 28″ (Top)
2 – 1×6 @ 22 3/4″ (Front and Back of Drawer)
2 – 1×6 @ 11 1/4″ (Width of 1×12 – Sides of Drawers)
1 – 1×12 @ 21 1/4″ (Bottom of drawer)
1 – 1×12 @ 26″ (Bottom Shelf)
2 – 1×2 @ 23″ (Bottom Shelf Trim

You can find all the info to build it here!

Also – add a couple screws to the back to act as a drawer stop.

Don’t you think a lamp would look awesome on this table? Me too!!

gray-stained farmhouse nightstand (11) copy gray-stained farmhouse nightstand (12) copy

Did you love this project? Please pin it!!

Have a great day!


Toy Truck Bookends

In our home, we love books! I find my kids “reading” books all the time! I am constantly pulling books out from behind their beds where the books have slipped down when my kids were looking at them before they fell asleep. The hard part for me is figuring out how to display them while still letting them be accessible for the kids. I wanted to put some truck/construction books on my boy’s dresser but didn’t want to just stack them up — what to do, what to do? I was watching my kids play with their trucks when I go the idea to make some fun toy truck bookends… using toy trucks!

Toy Truck Book Ends (63) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (61) copy

This project is so simple and I made it using scraps from my wood pile and trucks my kids had in their toy box!

All you need are a few pieces of 1×6’s and toys!

Toy Truck Book Ends (1) copy

I picked out the trucks I was going to use and figured out my measurements by sitting the truck on the wood – it came out to be about 7” long. I cut the back pieces to be the same – so (4) 7” pieces.

Toy Truck Book Ends (2) copy

Their room is stained with Minwax Classic Gray so I went ahead and stained these classic gray too.

Toy Truck Book Ends (3) copy

After the pieces were dry, I used Gorilla wood glue to glue the pieces together and then used my Ryobi Airstrike Nailer to nail them together. I used four nails on each one.

Toy Truck Book Ends (8) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (13) copy

And then I realized that if I put these on the dresser, they would melt right into the gray and wouldn’t even stand out – so I took them outside and gave them a nice coat of my favorite Rustoleum Heirloom White.

Toy Truck Book Ends (5) copy

When the spray paint was dry, I used my sponge sander and roughed them up a bit. I am really glad I did the Classic Gray stain underneath because I like seeing the gray show through.

Toy Truck Book Ends (35) copy

Then I used E6000 to glue the trucks onto each side. I glued the wheels and  the back of the trucks and the E6000 held it perfect!

Toy Truck Book Ends (34) copy

Then I was done!

Toy Truck Book Ends (37) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (41) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (44) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (50) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (51) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (56) copy

Toy Truck Book Ends (62) copy

Cute right!!??

So the big question… where did I get the trucks? Sadly, I don’t know where to get them… My son got them as a gift a couple years ago and I stole them out of his toy bin.  But really you guys! Every toy store has cute trucks… just go pick some out!! I think it would be really cute (and I was really tempted) to do a fire truck and an ambulance – you could even do some race cars!

And yes… I owe my kid a new truck… or two!

Have a great day!!


Rustic Rolling 6-Drawer Dresser

Happy Monday Morning! I am super excited to share my latest project with you guys! If you have been following me on Instagram you have seen a few little sneak peeks! I have been working on a room for my son’s and after I built the headboard and footboard, I knew I wanted a dresser to match.

I measured the bed and measured the room and found out that I would need it to be about 50” long… and it had to be raised up because of the heat vent in the floor – I was in quite the predicament. I knew I had to build a dresser so I turned to Ana White and found this dresser with wheels.  I made some modifications but am pretty much in love with this rustic rolling 6-drawer dresser!

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-24 copy

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-31 copy

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-37 copy

The plans call for this dresser to be 62 1/2” long – but that was way to big for my space so I cut it down by 12” and took 6” off each drawer and it fits perfect! That is the best thing about building things yourself – you can make them how you want them!

The dresser drawers are nice and sturdy. I built them using Gorilla Wood Glue and our Ridgid Stapler. The glue holds everything nice and tight and I am not worried about them falling apart!

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-5 copy

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-6 copy

I asked Spencer for a Kreg Jig for Mother’s Day and he delivered one a few days early! It is awesome because I didn’t have to putty a thing! I simply used my wood glue and pocket screws and built the whole thing without a hitch!

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-43 copy

After it was assembled, I used Minwax Classic Gray and stained the whole thing. Then I sanded it down a bit more to give it more of a rustic feel.

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-7 copy

I love Classic Gray! It is such a pretty color and I am so glad I chose that stain for this room. It is perfect!

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-24 copy

I added some corner braces like the Shanty 2 Chic girls did in the tutorial and love the characteristic that add.

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-27 copy

I found these rustic looking pulls at Home Depot and think they are the perfect match.

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-29 copy

Even though I trimmed off 6 inches of drawer space, the drawers are still deep and big enough. I am loving all the space.

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-30 copy

I also love the character and functionality the wheels give the dresser. It is really easy to move all loaded up and it lifted up from the ground so blocking the heating vent won’t be a problem. The plans call for 6” casters but I bought 5” swivel casters from Home Depot and they work awesome.

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-35 copy

In order to get some good photos of the dresser I had to move it around the room a little bit and push it up against the opposite wall – the wheels made it so easy to move – but really the dresser will go along the wall with the window in-between the boys beds.

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-19 copy

But that window makes it almost impossible for me to get a good “money” shot –

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-47 copy

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-13 copy

Their room is coming along so great and I only have a couple more projects and then I’ll do the big reveal… so keep reading!


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Easy One-Hour 1×6 Floating Shelf

Planked Kitchen Art

A few weeks ago I had the honor of guest posting over at Skip to My Lou and shared this Planked Kitchen Art that I created for our kitchen wall. I loved the way the planked truck art turned out and wanted something similar for my kitchen and am so glad I built these because I absolutely love them!

Our Kitchen is one of the main focuses in our home but is lacking décor. I wanted to share my recent build/décor item with you guys and give you a few tips to make your own as well. To make your own you will need the following supplies:

(3) 1×4
(1) 1/4” 2×4 MDF Board
Wood Glue
Sand Paper
Pin Nailer
1” pin nails
Clear Coat

First, you will need to make your planked canvas. I decided to make these one square and they measure 17.5” x 17.5”. The side lengths are 17.5” and the 5 middle sections are 10.5”. I used 1×4’s and 1/4” MDF to assemble them and you can find all the tips you need to that here.

Tip: Home Depot will cut anything you need so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a miter saw or a table saw.

I used Minwax Cherry Stain to stain each planked board.

I then cut out some fun “Kitchen” shapes using my Silhouette Cameo and vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. I used the “bones” as the template.

Using plain white paint, I filled in my template.

After the paint had dried, I sanded the whole piece and roughed it up a little to achieve a “weathered” look.

I also gave them a quick matte clear coat from Rustoleum to protect them.

I then attached picture hangers to the backs and hung them on my wall.

I absolutely love the way they turned out. We are currently adding a craftsman/farmhouse style to our kitchen and they go perfect with the board and batten we installed and the white subway tile.

Planked Utensil Art (21) copy

 I love them so much and they fit in perfect with our cherry wood floors. I love the knots and the weathered look and the scraped up paint – just everything about them!!


Easy One Hour 1×6 Floating Shelf

A little bit ago, I was over at the 733 Blog sharing a recent project I had completed for my boys room!  As you guys know, I have slowly been finishing up and decorating their room and I wanted to add a shelf to their wall so I built an easy one hour 1×6 floating Shelf.

The best part of building things yourself is that you can make them the size, shape or length you want. This shelf is 5 feet long, but if you need/want one longer you can follow the same steps, just adjust the lengths to your measurement. This shelf is a really easy build and you can be waiting on stain to dry in just an hour!


(3) 1” x 6” x 6” pine boards
Wood Glue
(1) 2×4
Pin nailer/nails
Wood Filler
1 x 1 1/2” bolts (optional)
Stain of your choice.


(3) 1” x 6” x 6” at 5 feet. (top, bottom and front/face)
(2) 1” x 6” x 6” at 4 inches (sides)

If you don’t have a miter box, Home Depot will cut the wood for you.

1 Hour 1x6 Shelf (2) copy

Pick the piece you want as your face piece. I wanted mine to be knotty and look rustic and old so I picked the one with the most “character.” It even had a little crack in the face.

Glue the entire edge of top piece.

Then using your pin nailer or nails and hammer, nail the face piece to the top piece.

Then glue and nail your face piece to the bottom piece.

You should have a box…. missing the bottom. It should look like this. The face piece for your shelf is the piece on the top in this picture. The shelf face will have nail holes.

1 Hour 1x6 Shelf (6) copy

Glue both sides of the side pieces, insert them into the end and nail in place.

Now the shelf is built!! Give it a quick sand to smooth it out a bit.

Fill the little holes with wood filler or if you have a matching putty, just wait and putty when you are done staining.
All the wood in my boy’s room is stained Classic Gray by Minwax so that was my stain of choice.

1 Hour 1x6 Shelf (11) copy

After your stain is dry, sand your shelf down again to give it a weathered look – then give it a once-over with Rustoleum Matte Clear Finish Spray.

It has been about an hour and you are done building and just waiting for everything to dry and cure. I waited over night and was ready to hang the shelf up – but first I wanted to add a little bit of character to the shelf. Using the same bolts I used to hang up their planked truck art and to attach their bed rails – I screwed them into the wood.

These are purely for decoration! But if you want some too… measure in 1 1/4” from each side and mark it.

Use a 9/64 drill bit and pilot drill a hole.

1 Hour 1x6 Shelf (18) copy

After you pilot drill use your bolt and 7/16 socket bit and drill them in.

1 Hour 1x6 Shelf (38) copy


Now your shelf is built, dry and ready to hang.

Measure the inside of your shelf – Mine is 58 1/2” and then cut your 2×4 to be 1/2 an inch smaller – so I cut mine at 58”.

Find the center of where you want to hang your shelf, use your level to make sure it is straight and screw your 2×4 in the wall at the studs. If you don’t have studs – use drywall anchors – but make sure your 2×4 is nice and secure and level!

Now you screw your shelf into the 2×4 and you are set. To make this part easier, measure in 3/4” to make sure you hit the middle of the 2×4 and pre-drill your screws.

1 Hour 1x6 Shelf (31) copy

Before you drill, if you need to, make sure you measure both sides of the wall to make sure your shelf is right in the middle. Since your 2×4 is only 1/2” smaller than your shelf you wont have to wiggle it too much. Then finish drilling your screws into the 2×4.

And now you are done! It seems like there are a lot of steps, but trust me – this is an easy to build shelf and hanging it is a breeze!!

I love how fun and rustic it is and I love the screw accents! I matches their beds and their planked truck art perfectly! Now to decorate the floating shelf! I need some fun frames and cute printable and… trucks!


Favorite Wood Fillers

Spencer and I build a lot so naturally we have products and colors that we totally love and use all the time. Today we are talking about our favorite wood fillers. If you are just learning to build or learning to stain you will love this post because we will tell you what we love and why. If you are already a pro – chirp in and let us know what products you love too!

Our favorite wood filler brand is Famowood. Growing up, Spencer used it in his dad’s cabinet shop and now we use it in our garage. It is made of wood – and is awesome at filling holes. Rarely do I ever have to go back and re-putty and if I do it’s because the hole was huge!

When you fill, you normally want to fill the holes the color you are planning on staining or the color of the wood if you are clear coating. Famowood has wood filler in all these colors.

They have a few different sizes and are reasonably priced so you could buy a few different colors without breaking the bank. I have bought mine off of Amazon or Woodcraft.

Famowood also makes a water-based filler that is ready to sand and stain with water based stains in 15 minutes!

Our second favorite wood filler – and the best one to purchase at Home Depot in a pinch is Minwax Wood Filler.

Minwax is awesome because they work together as a company to make sure that their fillers, putties and stains all match in color and work together. You can fill, stain and touch up with the exact same color and we love that! (of course!)

When choosing a wood filler – make sure that it is stainable. The last thing you want to do is finish a piece only to learn you cannot stain it. (unless of course the plan was to paint the piece.)

When filling, make sure you over fill a little bit so you can sand it smooth. Use a putty knife so you avoid small pot holes from your fingers.

You only want to use wood filler on large holes from screws and such. For tiny pin holes, stain your project and use a putty.

Happy Building!