I Love You Most Wooden Block and Free Printable

Almost every night, I tuck my oldest son into bed – his name is Quinn and he is four. After prayers, he climbs into bed, I pull up his sheets and layer his blankets on one by one – in the order he wants me too. I talk to him and ask his questions about the day and then before I leave I bend over, really close to his face and I whisper “I love you!” He answers back with “I love you!” So I tell him “I love you More!” and he tells me that he loves me more – so I tell him that I love him the MOST! But he insists that he loves me the most. Sometimes we are serious and quiet and sometimes we use silly voices – and it is one of my most favorite things! For his room, I decided I wanted to make a fun print with our little moment on it so I whipped up this I Love You Most Wooden Block and Free Printable!

I love you most wooden block (26) copy

I love you most wooden block (27) copy

I made and designed the printable but decided that I didn’t want to just display it in a frame – I wanted something more rustic and fun to match his room. This past weekend we cleaned out our garage and I found a piece of an extra 2×10 just kicking around so I decided to use that as a wooden block and apply the printable to that.

Spencer used our circular saw and cut the piece to 11” long.

I used Minwax Classic Gray and stained the whole block. When it was completely dry, I used my sander and scuffed it up a bit.

I used a multipurpose spray adhesive and sprayed the back of my print and then applied it to my block.

The adhesive will hold the printable on – but I wanted to give it a little more character so I decided to add some bolts. I used the same style that I used for their easy one-hour floating shelf and for their PB Knock-off Emmett Bed – you can find them at Home Depot for $.31 each.

First, I drilled a small hole in the corner of the printable and the wood.

Then I used a socket and added my blot.

I cinched the bolt down just enough to sit flat but not enough to twist or warp the paper.

and then I was done!! and pretty much in love with it.

I love you Most copy

If you want to make one too, you can download an 8×10 I love you most printable here!

I love you most wooden block (22) copy

I am so happy with how it turned out and I love the fun little bolts – they just add to it – don’t ya think!?

I love you most wooden block (23) copy

Have a great day!