Tips for Installing Drawer Hardware

Hello Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July holiday! Spencer finally had some days off work so we were finally able to do some really fun things together as a family! We hit up the waterpark, went out for dinner, stopped by the snow cone shack, bought and lit off some amazing fireworks, made smore’s in our firepit and camped in the backyard. Yesterday we escaped the heat a little bit and headed up to the mountains for a tin foil dinner picnic! It is always nice to take a little vacation from the mundane every day things – like cleaning!

Today I wanted to share with you some quick tips for installing drawer hardware. If you are just learning to build – this can be a little tricky – making sure everything is straight and flat and looks good.

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-29 copy

To make things easier for us and because Spencer used to install cabinets for a living – he created this awesome little hardware template. The template has a few of the common drawer hardware sizes and then gives you the holes for certain measurements. You simply line it up with the center of your drawer front, decide where you want the hardware to go and using an ale, press in the holes.

Tips for Installing Drawer Pulls (7) copy

Here you can see that I have marked my hardware with an ale and made the holes for where my pull will go.

Tips for Installing Drawer Pulls (1) copy

Using a 3/16 drill bit, drill out the holes where your marks are. Make sure you drill straight up and down.

Tips for Installing Drawer Pulls (2) copy

When your holes are drilled, flip your board over and using a 3/8 speedbor – notch out the back of your hole. You only need to give your drill one good squeeze because you only want the hole as deep as the screw head. Here are some great tips for using a speedbor. 

Tips for Installing Drawer Pulls (3) copy

Tips for Installing Drawer Pulls (5) copy

Attach your hardware. Here you can see that the screws lie flat and don’t poke out at all. Now when you attach your drawer fronts to your drawers, they will sit flat and you won’t have a gap between your drawer and your front from the screws.

Tips for Installing Drawer Pulls (6) copy

Use the same measurement for each drawer and repeat all the steps and your furniture piece will be awesome!

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Have a great Monday!