Dear Readers…

The first 12 days of this year have been rough – it seems like nothing in life is going right at the moment and I have really been thinking about all aspects of my life – including this little ole’ blog.

Spencer and I (yes, more me than him!) were so excited about this blog and the new adventures it may take us on. I was out and about and mingling with so many talented bloggers and wonderful companies and having a great time being a “blogger.” I was sharing home pictures and we had so many fun projects planned.

Spencer even took a hammer to a wall in between our front room and kitchen and started a HUGE remodel project…

and then life happened — and Spencer and the partner in his company – decided to dissolve their company. It was a time of uncertainty for our family and instead of using the money we had saved on the home remodeling projects we used the money to pay for our home – ya know… like the house payment and heating and all the “have to” bills and the “want too projects” were just cast aside.

To cope, I would build furniture projects here and there and even though building a dresser or bed from scratch saves money over buying it – wood still costs money and pulls and paint and sand paper.

It just got to the point where I stopped making projects.

I gave up.

and then I gave up on the blog.

because if I cannot make projects – how am I supposed to blog about them.

a vicious circle really.

I would look at other bloggers and think – “How to do they have so much money to do all of these project – they are so much better than I am and so much richer than I am” The comparison game is nasty business and only brings misery.

Then Spencer and I dug ourselves out of our hole and he is doing great on his own with his new company.

And I thought, I have a few projects I could blog – but I didn’t.

And then I was pregnant – so I was in baby stuff mode.

And then I had a newborn – so nothing really got done – other than holding her and smothering her with lotion and kisses and snuggling her.

And I am totally okay with that because I still have the mint dresser that I built for my daughter over a year ago – it looks the same (other than a couple pencil marks my three year old artist drew) and will still be the same for months – but my baby girl just turned 8 months and she is changing every day and I would rather have the snuggles as memories than anything else!

However, during this whole time and while going through this past year I still had the thought in my head that I need to blog. That I needed to share what I made and how I felt and little bits of our lives but (obviously) I didn’t.

Our house, still, is not finished – we have made A LOT of progress in the nearly 2 years since we pulled the wall out and only have a few projects left but I feel like I need to share our road of progress with you because I am sure there is someone out there with a torn apart house who wants to give up – and to you I say – that’s okay.

Take a break and focus on the things in life that really matter to you and in so doing you will somehow find the will to keep going and keep building – keep building a home for your family.

I don’t know what the rest of this year will bring – I mean it is only the 12th day of the year but really it can only get better from here. I can’t promise that I will be here every day or every week but I am going to try harder to let more people into my life. To share with you what is happening and how I felt as I navigated around a hole in my front room floor for weeks! To share more of my family and my life and chronicle our stories of making this house our home!