How to Quickly Clean Your Grout

Sometimes on the weekends I do really cool awesome things…. and sometimes I do really boring “have to” things – like laundry and moping. Every week I mop our tile in our laundry room and every week it just gets dirtier and dirtier. For seven years our grout has been collecting dirt – to the point where I told Spencer we were ripping it all up because it was so gross. I had NO idea what to do about it and was frustrated that nothing I had tried really worked – and that we made a HUGE first mistake – we picked a really light grout. But then the Heavens opened and I stumbled upon a cure – Cue angles singing in the background – and today I am here to tell you I found out how to quickly clean your grout!!! {Hallelujah! Hallelujah!!}

How to Quickly Clean Your Grout

Supplies you Need:

White Vinegar
Baking Soda
Dawn Dish Soap
Wash Rag
Old Toothbrush

Before you begin, mix Water and White Vinegar with a 1:4 ratio in a spray bottle. Mix in 2 tablespoons of Dawn.

I was almost hesitant to post this – because I am a tiny bit embarrassed by how nasty my grout was. This is one of those things that I look at and think “why didn’t I do this sooner!”

This area probably has the highest traffic in our house. There is a door to the garage, the basement and the laundry room + bathroom all in this area. So when the kids (and the husband) come in all muddy – this is where they go! So here are a couple before photos – keep in mind that the grout “should be” an off-whiteish color.

How to Quickly Clean Tile (1) copy

How to Quickly Clean Tile (3) copy

How to Quickly Clean Tile (6) copy

Gross right?

Let’s clean it up – the easy way!

First, take your wet wash rag and wipe down the grout lines.

How to Quickly Clean Tile (12) copy

Sprinkle/spread baking soda in your grout lines. I just got down and dirty and used my hands!

How to Quickly Clean Tile (15) copy

Next, spray the baking soda with the water/vinegar/dawn mixture.

How to Quickly Clean Tile (17) copy

The baking soda will fiz up. Let it sit for a few seconds – like maybe 20 seconds. I let it sit a few more seconds for the “dirtier” areas.

How to Quickly Clean Tile (19) copy

Then simply scrub the dirt off with your old toothbrush! You don’t even need that much elbow grease – the baking soda and mixture do the trick!

How to Quickly Clean Tile (21) copy

It seriously is so fast and so easy and leaves your grout looking awesome! Here you can see where I had already cleaned and where I needed to clean.

How to Quickly Clean Tile (23) copy

Crazy right? and a little bit gross. I cleaned the bathroom, the laundry room and the entry way to the garage in about an hour and a half – and somewhere in there I fed my three little kids some mac n’ cheese! I’m tellin’ ya – it is really easy and seriously look at the difference:

How to Quickly Clean Tile (24) copy

How to Quickly Clean Tile (25) copy

How to Quickly Clean Tile (30) copy

I had debated calling in a grout cleaning company but I am so happy I tired this first. My tile/grout looks brand new and now I don’t want new tile quite so badly – (it’s still on the to-do list – just further down the list now!)

If you haven’t cleaned your grout in a while – hurry up and buy some vinegar and baking soda! You will LOVE the results!