Halloween Thistle Spiders

It’s October!! One of my very favorite months and we are getting ready to decorate for Halloween! You can’t have Halloween without Spiders, so last week the kids and I headed out on a walk down by the river to gather up thistles so we could make some Halloween Thistle Spiders!

Halloween Thistle Spiders (15)a

Thistles are funky little weeds that live and grow in the mountains, by canal roads and down by the river. They grow in groups so if you find one, you find a lot – they grow on sticks and we just take scissors and simply snip them off! They are a tiny bit pokey but not too bad.

Halloween Thistle Spiders (1) copy

The best way to spray paint them is to stick them all in a box – I like to use boxes from Costco because they are large and you can fit quite a few in there!

Halloween Thistle Spiders (2) copy

I use Rustoleum Black in semi-gloss and give them a nice coat of black.

Halloween Thistle Spiders (3) copy

You have to turn them and get them from all angles.

Halloween Thistle Spiders (5) copy

When they are nice and dry… add some googley eyes! Use the stem part as the nose and hot glue the eyes on right above.

Halloween Thistle Spiders (6) copy

For the legs, you use simple black pipe cleaner. You cut them into fourths and hot glue four legs onto each side!

Halloween Thistle Spiders (8) copy

Bend the legs and set them all around your house!

Halloween Thistle Spiders (9) copy

I just cannot get over how super cute they are!!

Halloween Thistle Spiders (11) copy

Halloween Thistle Spiders (15) copy

Halloween Thistle Spiders (20) copy

Halloween Thistle Spiders (23) copy

Take your family on a walk to a nearby river or head up the mountains in search of thistles and have fun making Halloween Thistle Spiders!!

Here are some other really great Halloween projects you can check out:

Spooky String Art (20) copy  
Spooky String ArtHalloween Deco Mesh WreathWitch Broom Chalk Art

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Have a great day!!

Spooky String Art

I have seen some really fun string art in the past but thought it would be so fun to make some for Halloween because the string sort of looks like spider webs! I decided to go with Spooky String Art because I thought it would be so fun and it turns out… I was right! I am totally in love with it!

Spooky String Art

Spooky String Art (19) copy

Spooky String Art (20) copy

Want to make one for your home or porch? It’s so simple!

You will need:

Small Nails with heads
Silhouette Cameo or other cutting machine
Spray paint
Black embroidery thread
Sand paper

First, cut your 1×8 into a 24” piece.

Spooky String Art (1) copy

I sprayed the edges of my board with Rustoleum Black so when I sanded you would be able to see the black shinning through.

Spooky String Art (2) copy

Next, I used Rustoleum Cinnamon and sprayed the entire board.

Spooky String Art (3) copy

When everything was dry, I sanded my edges and let the black show through.

Spooky String Art (4) copy

I used my Silhouette Cameo and cut out SPOOKY vinyl lettering and applied it to my board. – The font I used was Aharoni. I liked it because it is blocky and plain.

Spooky String Art (8) copy

Next, I outlined each letter using my nails. I tried to nail them in 1/2” to 3/4” apart. Make sure you put them on each corner and add a couple extra to rounded letters to make your letters… round!

Spooky String Art (9) copy

I pulled the vinyl off the letter I was working one and using black embroidery thread, I outlined each letter and then wrapped the thread around and around until I had the look I was going for.  I did one letter at a time and tied off each one.

Spooky String Art (10) copy

There is no rhyme or reason to the way I did it. I just wrapped and wrapped and connected the “dots” until I like the way it looked and then moved onto the next letter.

Spooky String Art (14) copy

When you are done wrapping each letter you are done!

So simple… but so cute!!

Spooky String Art (13) copy

Spooky String Art (18) copy

I love how you can see the black coming through the board and the whole thing just looks sort of spooky and rustic and totally cute! Now I just need some cute spiders!

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Have a great day!!

Halloween Porch

Halloween Front Porch (18) copy

The last couple of years we have been pretty boring when it comes to decorating for Halloween. I mean, I always put out some pumpkins but that is about the extent of it. Sad, right? This year I am proud to say that we will be greeting “Trick or Treaters” with a little more… um… festivity! and I am totally loving it! Here is what my porch/doorstep normally looks like…

Halloween Front Porch (1) copy

and here it is in all it’s Halloween glory!

Halloween Front Porch (15) copy  

I don’t really have a lot to say about my porch because I feel like the pictures say it all! You can see that I have simply added a bale of hay and stalks of corn tied up with orange and white striped ribbon and used my trick or treat sign for décor.

Halloween Front Porch (4) copy 

I added my polka dot “31” pillows to my bench with a mix of white and black and orange pillows. I found some fun Halloween Ribbon at the dollar store and simply tied it around an orange pillow that I had on the bench before. I also leaned my “Salem Broom Company” sign up against the bench – and of course added a bunch of pumpkins!

Halloween Front Porch (6) copy 

Using the Silhouette and some scrapbook paper from my stash I made a fun little pennant banner to hang above the bench.


I also used the Silhouette to cut out {Happy Halloween} and a fun little spider for the window! I also hung my darling Deco Mesh Halloween Wreath on the door {of course!}

Halloween Front Porch (13) copy 

I love opening up the front door and seeing this view — it just makes me happy!

Halloween Front Porch (24) copy

Halloween Front Porch (19) copy

Are you guys all decorated for Halloween? You still have a few days!

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Trick or Treat Sign

“Trick or Treat! Smell my feet!
Give me Something Good to Eat!”

I am so excited for all my little trick or treaters to be greeted on Halloween Night by new little trick or treat sign! I love making wooden signs because they are so easy and turn out so cute and can add a big impact with little effort.

If you want your own trick or treat sign follow these simple steps!

  • Cut your wood to your desired size. Mine is 5”x 4’ x 1”.
  • Paint your whole board Ivory.
  • Using your Silhouette or Cricut, cut out “Trick or Treat” in vinyl and use the “bones” as your template. I used the Silhouette and my font is Georgia.
  • Paint your letters the colors you like. I had some glitter paint in green and purple so I used those as well as black, orange and yellow to add some contrast and fun to the board.
  • When your paint is dry, scuff it up a bit with sandpaper.
  • Using a brown ink pad, scuff it up some more to make it look weathered. My ink is called “frayed burlap.”

And your done!!

Add it to your Halloween display and enjoy!

I am so close to finishing up my porch! I have one more thing I need to get done – but it requires drilling into our brick so I have to enlist the help of The Contractor. I have my hay bale and corn stalks and pumpkins and cannot wait to show you the rest. I am crossing my fingers for Monday so stay tuned!!

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Witch Broom Chalk Art

Hello! Hello! Amanda here and once again I am working on my front porch. We all know that chalkboard art is all the craze right now so when I was thinking of something “artish” for my front porch I went right to chalkboard art! For some reason it just seems Halloween-ish to me. I pulled some inspiration from my sister and this post to come up with this fun little Salem Broom Company Chalkboard Art Sign. I must say… I am pretty pleased with myself! It turned out pretty darn cute for my first go around — and the fact that I was using bits and pieces of my kiddo’s chalk supply.

I whipped this chalkboard art up last night and it was so easy! First I used Rustoleum Chalkoard Spray Paint and painted a 3’x2’ and 1/4” thick piece of MDF I had in storage. After it was dry, I covered the whole thing in white chalk, wiped it off and started sketching. I started in the middle with the push broom – expanded to the brooms on the side – made the banner and border and then added the spider webs.

If I did it over I would change two things. First, I would make the Banner and wording a little bit bigger. Second… I would NOT spray it with Hairspray. I know, you are probably thinking “What the heck? Hairspray?” but… in my defense… I fell for the internet. I wanted to make the chalk permanent so I goggles “ways to make chalk stay on a chalkboard” and almost every singe solution was to use hairspray. I also thought back to kindergarten when we would draw with chalk on black paper and my teacher would spray I with hairspray so it wouldn’t smudge. I thought it was a brilliant idea until it left wet looking little dots all over the board and did not make the chalk stick – So, learn from my experience and DO NOT DO THAT!! I chalk the dots (pun? see what I did there!) up to characteristic and it really doesn’t look … bad… it is just more annoying to me than anything else – but the sign is still really cute and I still really love it!! 

I am off to work on a trick or treat sign that I will be sharing later this week!

To see more projects for my front porch check out my Deco Mesh Wreath and my “31” Polka Dot Halloween Pillows!

Until next time…

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“31” Halloween Polka-Dot Pillows

You guys! This is pretty much the easiest Halloween project I have ever done…ever! But…it turned out so super cute I wanted to share it with you! Polka-dot pillows with a 3 and 1 for Halloween Day.  In just a few simple steps you can have some too!

  • Sew pillow slipcovers for the size of pillow you desire.
  • Cut out a 3 & 1 using orange iron-on vinyl with your Cricut. (remember to mirror it) If you don’t have a cutting machine, simply trace a 1 & 3 – the old school way!
  • Iron your vinyl on.
  • Stuff your slipcover with a pillow.
  • Enjoy!

A simple project that packs a huge and fun punch! I love these on my porch bench with all the other pillows I have out there for Halloween. Pillows are darling and easy and make a big change in a simple way!

Pick up a yard of fabric, orange iron on vinyl and thread and warm up your iron and make yourself some really cute and simple Halloween pillows!

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{Halloween} Deco Mesh Wreath

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This past weekend The Contractor was working so I busted out some supplies and got my craft on! My whole purpose was to make-over my front porch and get it ready for Halloween. I am still working on it but I wanted to show you some of the things I have been working on – starting with this darling Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath! I am sort of smitten by it and love how fun it turned out!

Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath (18) copy  

Want to make one of you own? Of course you do and I will show you how!

Supplies You Need:

  • Metal Wreath Form
  • Mesh Ribbon
  • Ribbon
  • Floral Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Embellishments (not pictured)

Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath (1) copy

Use your floral wire to tie the end of your mesh ribbon around the metal wreath frame.

About every 8 inches tie your mesh ribbon to your frame using the floral wire. The mesh ribbon will naturally “poof!”


When you get back to the beginning – do not cut your ribbon – but keep adding mesh for more fullness. This time wrap your mesh ribbon over the first layer where you had tied it down.

Alternate wrapping it back and forth and tie it to the most inside and most outside wire on the frame.

Here it is after the second go-around! It is starting to get more and more full!

I used the last part of the mesh to wrap it around for the third time and fill it in just a little bit more. This time I just attached it where I felt needed a little more “fill” and “poof!”

Next I used a basic black polka-dot ribbon and wrapped it and secured it with wire in-between the mesh. Now you have the “prep” work done and we can start on the embellishments.

This is the fun part!! First, I used 3 different and coordinating ribbons and cut them into 8ish inch long pieces. I attached them in different spots around the wreath with the floral wire.


I ended up using 7 ribbon bunches.

For some reason I don’t have a picture of the next step – but I found some fun little black and orange ornaments at Hobby Lobby and hot glued one into the middle of each bunch of ribbons. I also found a fun little glitter “spooky” sign at Hobby Lobby that I hot glued on as well.

Lastly, I took one of these simple and cheap little skeletons from The Dollar Store and spruced them up a bit with spray paint. I first used Rustoleum Gloss Black and then used Krylon Glitter Black.

The skeletons have a little loop on the tops of their heads so I simply strung wire through and attached it to the wire wreath form.

Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath (11) copy

And voila! Super cute Halloween Wreath!

Gosh you guys! I just love this fun new wreath! It turned out better than I thought it would and was so much easier than I thought it would be! If you haven’t tried Deco Mesh – Just Do It! You will love it!

Come back tomorrow for the cutest and easiest pillow covers ever!

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