How to Plant Herbs In Mason Jars

Mason Jars are all the rage right now and why not… they are affordable, super cute and you usually have a few hanging around! I even save pickle jars and pepper jars too to use for projects. Jars just rock! I recently planted my garden but wanted my herbs planted in pots instead of the garden area. After looking up awesome herb gardens and washing out a mason jar, I knew they would be perfect together so here is how to plant herbs in mason jars!

You will need:

Jars (mason, kerr, pickle whatever!)
Potting Soil
Soil Cover Rocks

Step One: Take your jars and fill the bottom 2-3 inches with the soil cover rocks. This is really important when planting in jars because it allows the water to seep into the rocks and prevents your plants and dirt from getting gross and moldy.

Step Two: Fill the Jar about 2/3 of the way full with potting soil. I like to use Miracle Grow Moisture Control potting soil in jars – it’s just an extra protection for your plants.

(If you are planting seeds, fill your jar up all the way, stick in your seed, water and be done!)


Step Three: Remove your herb from the container and crack the root. Sometimes the herbs can come in biodegradable containers you can plant but take them out and crack the root (loosen the dirt around the root).

Step Four: Gently shove the herb into your jar!

How to Plant Herbs In Mason Jars (40) copy

Step Five: Add more potting soil to the top. Pack it in there because when you water the herb the soil will settle.

Step Six: Water!! If you look close you can see some seeping into the rocks… just like it is supposed too.

Now you are done and can enjoy fresh herbs all year long! Here I have planted Sweet Basil, Cilantro, Spearmint and Parsley.

Now I just need to find some really yummy recipes that call for herbs!