Over 20 Turquoise Furniture Accent Pieces

I love a good statement piece and I love blue – especially turquoise – in all it’s beautiful, wonderful shades. I have been thinking a lot about furniture lately and the color blue so I gathered up over 20 Turquoise Furniture Accent Pieces that I totally adore and I know they will make your heart go pitter patter too!

20 turquoise furniture pieces

Turquoise Dresser

Benjamin Moore's 2012 Color of the Year: Wythe Blue {HC-143}...more info on this gorgeous entryway at simplyseleta.com
Turquoise Mud Bench

3-Drawer Dresser

Turquoise Glass Door Hutch

Ladder Vintage Rustic, Emerald Green with walnut distressing
Turquoise Blanket Ladder

Turquoise Chest of Drawers

Turquoise Card Catalog

distressed turquoise furniture
Turquoise Coffee Tables

Must have this hutch!! color and all even the orange I can handle
Modern Turquoise Hutch

Swedish Bed
Turquoise Queen Bed Frame

Turquoise Vintage Twin Bed

This was probably a very nice wood stain highboy. Painted turquoise, it's spectacular!  #colorsofthesea
Turquoise Highboy Dresser

love this turquoise bookshelf cabinet and the green table! Exactly what I want for my house!
Turquoise Bookshelves

I would love to have this in my room. Love the color!!!
Turquoise Make-Up Table

SOLD - Hand Painted French Country Cottage Chic Shabby Romantic Vintage Victorian Jacobean Aqua Turquoise Sideboard Cabinet Buffet on Etsy, $1.00
Turquoise Buffet

Lucia dining table.  £695  would be a great dining room table to flow with my future kitchen :)
Turquoise Dinner Table

RESERVED for Sandra - Deposit - Hand Painted Cottage Chic Shabby Aqua Romantic Turquoise / Teal Blue Empire Dresser
Vintage Turquoise Dresser

Turquoise Bathroom Vanity

turquoise furniture
Turquoise Four Drawer Dresser

Turquoise Farmhouse Bed

Vintage Reclaimed Turquoise Milk Chalk Paint 3 Dr Drop Leaf Victorian Accent End Side Table (9198684475-01) SHIPS Fed Ex
Small Turquoise Buffet

I love how unique each of these pieces are and how much character they each have. If you loved these pieces, you might like these as well!

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Have a great weekend!


How to Paint Stripes on a Wall

Confession: I have a boring family bathroom.

How to paint stripes copy How to paint stripes-11 copy

See?? I told you! To the left side is our bathtub with a white shower curtain – nothing fancy. Leaves a lot to be desired right? It is a smaller space so I want to keep it lighter so it seems bigger and more open. So I thought and thought – and decided to paint some stripes!!

They have been such a great addition and was exactly what I was looking for. They add a fun element but keep the bathroom light and airy. I was a little weary about painting them because in my head I could see my bathroom with all kinds of uneven lines – but it was really pretty easy. There is a lot of prep work but it is worth it! Today I’m showing you How to Paint Stripes on Your Wall – and what to know when painting stripes!

How to paint stripes-17a copy

  • Paint your entire wall/room the base color you desire. My bathroom was already gray so I used that as my base. If I were to start from scratch with two different colors for my striped wall, I would use the lighter color (white in my case) as the base.

How to paint stripes-2 copy

  • In the corner, start at the ceiling or the floor and measure and mark your wall for your stripe width. I started at the ceiling and measured down 10 inches, so my stripes are 10 inches in width. I also used a tape measure and marked 10,20,30,40 and so on.
  • If you want them completely even from floor to ceiling, you can measure your room and decide how wide each stripe should be – my bottom stripe is only 8 inches – but I don’t mind it.
  • Do this every two feet or so all around the room.

How to paint stripes-6 copy

    • Use your level and connect the dots!
    • Draw light lines from mark to mark all around the room.

If your room is anything like mine, it may be a little bit uneven – You can try to split the uneven-ness or put it in the most hidden spot in the room.

How to paint stripes-8 copy

You can (barely) see my lines in these photos.

How to paint stripes-9 copy

How to paint stripes-10 copy

Tape off your lines!

  • Decide which color you want touching the ceiling. I wanted gray.
  • This is important! To insure that your lines are even make sure you tape the wall off right. For the stripe that you will be painting – you want to put the tape above and below the pencil lines.
  • You will know you did this right because you will have a small space and then a large space. The small space will be your base color and the large space will be you new stripe color (white).
  • Make sure your tape is nice and tightly pressed against the wall. We don’t want any leaks while we paint!

How to paint stripes-12 copy

  • Paint your large spaces your new stripe color.

How to paint stripes-15 copy

  • Peel off your blue tape and enjoy your nice perfect lines and brand new stripes!

How to paint stripes-16 copy

How to paint stripes-17 copy

How to paint stripes-18 copy

Next time we are going to frame the bathroom mirror! See you then!