Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed

Remember when I shared my boys Rustic Transportation Room – last year? Here is the tutorial for the Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed that I made for them. I love the rustic plank look and they are really sturdy and perfect for my little boys!

Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed 1

They are pretty easy to make and don’t cost a lot money, money, money either!

Here is a list of the supplies you will need:

(2) 2×4 at 48”
(2) 2×4 at 35”
(10) 1×4 at 25”

(2) 2×4 at 20.5”
(2) 2×4 at 35”
(10) 1×4 at 13”

Optional Rails:
(2) 2×4 at 75”
(4) 2×4 at 36”
1 plywood board at 75”x39”

Step One: Cut all your wood to size.

Step Two: Dado your tops and bottoms – the 35” pieces.

Some people have really fancy dado blades — and then you have us. We do not have really fancy dado blades so we fake it and it works like a charm – all you need is a table saw!

How to Dado with a Table Saw

Use the table saw guide and set your width – a 2×4 (on the side) is 1 1/2” wide so the middle would be 3/4”. You want to cut out the wood between 1” and 1/2” for the middle. Lets start at 1/2” and work our way over!  Set your saw blade depth to cut a hair more then 1/2”.

how to dado (3)

Run all your 35” pieces through the saw.

– anytime you operate a saw or any power tool please be careful and use it responsibly.

how to dado (2)

After you run all your pieces through the saw – move your guide over by 1/8” and run them through again. Then move it over and run them through again. Do this until you have cut through a 1/2” of space.

You will have some small pieces of wood that did not get cut out. Simply reach in with your fingers and break them out. You can run them through the saw again if you need too.

how to dado (4)

After you break all the little extra pieces off you will have nice dados.

how to dado (1)

Step Three:
  Use a Kreg-Jig and drill two holes on each end of your 35” pieces. Remember to stay 1/2” away from the side with the dado.

Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed (1) Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed (2)
Step Four: Use your wood glue and pocket screws and attach your 35” piece to the top of the 48” piece.

Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed (4)

Step Five: Measure down 27” from the very top and make a mark. Attach your other 35” piece BELOW the line.

Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed (5)
Step Six: Simply Slide all 10 of your 1×4’s into the grooves. These planks are what make your planked farmhouse twin bed.

Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed (6)

Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed (7)
Your 10th piece should lay flat with your 2×4.

Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed (8)
Step Seven: Use your wood glue and pocket screws to attach your other leg and you are done!

Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed (9)

You can follow all the steps to make your footboard too. The bottom piece of your footboard attaches 2” from the bottom.

Step Eight: Stain (or paint) your headboard and footboard your desired color. I used Minwax Classic gray. I adore this color!

6 drawer rustic rolling dresser-7 copy

I cut rails for the bed because I didn’t have any. I listed them at the top if you need too as well. Use the smaller pieces as cross braces so your plywood stays nice and solid.

I also like making my own rails because I can customize them. My oldest boy has space under his bed for storage containers, but my younger boy is closer to the floor – the height is a little different but the beds still match!


Also, assemble the rails and head/footboards in their room – just a tip!

Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed (11)

Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed (12)

Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed (13)

Planked Farmhouse Twin Beds (22)

Enjoy our Planked Farmhouse Twin Bed!

Let me know if you have any questions! and as always if you make one of our projects I would love to see the result!

Have a great day!