DIY Workbench on Wheels

A couple weeks ago I was scrolling through my instagram feed and saw a DIY workbench that the darling Shanty 2 Chic girls made – and just knew it would be perfect for me! I swung by Home Depot, grabbed my supplies and came home and built my DIY Workbench on Wheels.

A few weeks ago, Spencer and I spent all weekend cleaning out both of our garages… and organizing… and lovingly arguing about whose workspace is whose. He wanted me to work on his workbench and cleaned if off and organized it – and he even set up my kreg jig just for me! What a nice guy, right!? Sadly, I knew that would never work because that is HIS and always gets taken over with general contracting junk… blah!

Last Friday morning I got an idea for a project so I headed out to the workbench and found this:

DIY Workbench on Wheels (1) copy

So I grabbed my phone, snapped a photo, texted Spencer telling him I wanted a workbench on wheels…went back up stairs… searched the plans and went to Home Depot!

This bench is an easy build  and I only spent a couple hours Friday afternoon building it. I had to get it done before Spencer got home! Just kidding… {sort of!}

I followed the plans and only changed a couple things. Instead of using my Kreg Jig (hence the reason I was making the workbench!) I just drove in 3” screws – I don’t care if they show – and I also used 1 1/4 inch screws to secure the top instead of brad nails… only because my screws were right there and my brad nailer wasn’t.

DIY Workbench on Wheels (16) copy

I love everything about this workbench!! I love that I can roll it all around the garage and out into the driveway. I love the bottom shelf so I can store tools and supplies. I love how long it is and I love the height!

If you are looking for an awesome workbench to build – build this one!

Now I just need to finish up the projects in my garage so I can push it up against the wall — just like I promised Spencer I would!

Spencer actually really likes it too – but I think mostly he just likes it because I love it! He is also impressed I built it in two hours… while our littles played outside.